Why you must prefer to buy LED corn lights? Check out the 4 Reasons

Looking for the best lighting option to illuminate your commercial area? Be it a parking zone, warehouse, sports stadium, or any other large indoors or outdoors with high ceilings, LED corn lights turn out to be the most fruitful option.

What are LED corn lights?

A LED corn light, unlike the traditional high intensity discharge (HID) lamp, is designed in such a way that it provides a huge amount of light efficiently. These lights are a perfect replacement for the old HID and SON lamps and can be used precisely both inside and outside.

Car parking areas, football stadiums, streets, roadside lamps, and warehouses are some examples where these lights can be installed.

That’s wonderful! But is this all about these lights? Is this only the reason why people prefer to purchase corn lights? No, not at all. There are several other reasons behind this. Let us have a look.

4 Reasons to Choose LED Corn Lights

  1. High energy consumption: When it comes to energy savings, it is always the LED corn lights or high bay lights that gain recognition. Choose a 150watt high bay light and experience the level of energy consumption. They are efficient in saving a huge amount of energy relative to the traditional incandescent or fluorescent lamps.

    If you compare these two types, you will discover these old traditional bulbs waste about 80% of heat energy. Hence choosing these lights over other bulbs will help you to gain a number of dollars extra from your electricity bills.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Great efficiency: LED lights can distribute light uniformly over the large area. Be it a parking zone or a sports campus, it won’t leave any space gloomy. It has the power to reach every corner of the ground.

    What’s the secret behind such efficiency?

    It’s because LED lights are designed with a multi-point structure. With such a design they can deliver light to the most intended surface very easily. Even they rank high when they are measured with respect to Color Rendering Index (CRI) and Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). Thus these lights are the perfect option to provide brightness.

    Do you want one to brighten up your large dark room? Don’t forget to use LED con lights.

  3. Because of its durability: Use a LED bulb and a traditional fluorescent bulb side by side and examine both for a few days. You will find the efficiency of the former is much higher than the efficiency of the later.

    Yes, the LED bulbs have more lifespan than the normal bulbs. With their high durability and strong efficiency of emitting light uniformly, they have secured the topmost position in the market.

    Choose a 150 watt high bay light for illuminating the large campus. You don’t need to change the bulb for a long period of time.

  4. Requires less maintenance: As discussed in the previous point, LED con lights come with a huge lifespan. Hence they hardly need any replacement within just a few months. This signifies that the LED lighting option requires very less maintenance cost, benefiting the businesses to a great extent.

    LED high bay lights are installed on the ceilings with a great height. Therefore, it is difficult for a person to reach the bulb whenever there is any requirement. Specific tools and equipment like hydraulic lifts, catwalks, etc. are required to access these bulbs. Again these tools individually need to be maintained properly so that they can work efficiently. This what creates an extra maintenance cost for the marketers.

    However, with these LED corn lights there’s no need of frequently maintaining of those machines. Due to their high durability, all your maintenance costs get reduced to some extent.

The Bottom Line
Don’t you want quality lighting in your large indoors and outdoors? Don’t you want to use the best lighting option for your commercial purpose?
Install a LED corn light where you need and see the reflection. We are sure you will love to install more to brighten up your area.

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