Why Choose Vertical Blinds Birmingham Over Curtains?

vertical blinds Birmingham

There is no way that you left your house or office windows uncover. There is a lot of reasons behind that. So, people use different things that not only cover the windows but also look stylish. Some use curtains, but the latest trend of these days is vertical blinds Birmingham. They are easy to install and clean. Also, you can match it with your room style. There is no way that you have to adjust to the design that is completely opposite from your house interior. If you are planning to give your house some unique look, install vertical blinds.

Why vertical blinds are better than curtains?

There are so many things that made vertical blinds superior to the curtains. When you plan to set your home, you keep your options open. The thing you decide to put in your house, first you check its benefits. Like the price, reliability, maintenance cost and many other things. So, here we will talk about curtains and vertical blinds. Many people get confused between too. They think that vertical blinds may not work like curtains. But the blinds serve the same or maybe better. Let’s, discuss in detail


The first thing we will discuss is the design. The curtains are made up of fabric, so there are unlimited designs available in them. This means you can easily match them with your furniture or wall colors. But vertical blinds have also served the same, maybe more. There are so many different types of vertical blinds. They come in materials like metal, plastic, wooden and even in fabric. All the types can easily be customized. Having these on your windows not only look good but also make the room look spacious.

Secondly, you can customize vertical blinds in any shape. No matter how your window looks, vertical blinds can easily cover them.

Price difference

The price for high-quality curtains is a lot. Otherwise, you may have to change them after some time. Or you may not get the design you are looking for. But on the other hand, the vertical blinds are available in different prices. It depends on your budget; you go for which type. If you have a low budget, you can go for a PVC blinds. They not only have a large variety but available at a good price. If you have a good budget, you can also go with wooden blinds. They give an antique and classy look.

So, with the options in design and price difference, it is easy to think about what is the best choice. But still, if someone is unclear, the next points will end the confusion.

vertical blinds Birmingham
vertical blinds Birmingham

Privacy and light control

Many think that vertical blinds are not good when it comes to privacy. But the truth is both curtains and vertical blinds provide equal privacy. There is no way that in the presence of blind, someone can look into your house.

Secondly, with curtains you cannot control the light in a way, you can do it with vertical blinds. The only thing that curtains can do is, the blockage of light that is coming. But with the blinds, you can adjust them, in a way that the light will come inside your room according to your preference and liking.

Easy maintenance

Curtains are very heavy in weight and its not easy to maintain them. It takes effort and a good amount of time. Also, there is no way that you can clean Curtains on your own. But with the vertical blinds cleaning process is very easy. Firstly, the weight of them is very light. You can easily clean them in your home with water and by using cloth. There is no need to make any effort while removing them from the rail.

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