Why choose commerce during your student life?

Are you a commerce student or have thought about changing your stream and joining the commerce stream?

You must be thinking how I can change my direction when I am a science or an arts student? But why not? If you have an unexplainable passion for calculations, accounts, economic or business, you can easily shift to the commerce stream. I was a commerce student, but now I am pursuing my career in arts. It’s all about the interest; the field which provokes us to do something other than ordinary is the field that will give us success.

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Is commerce that field for you?

When we were younger many of us had heard about that commerce has only two scopes. One is: opening a business or doing management, and another one is becoming a Chartered Accountant. But the field is not limited to these two only. There are other fields like:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – Focus on investment knowledge regarding stocks, current status.
  • Financial Risk Manager (FRM) – For risk management.
  • Cost Accountant – Making budgets for expenses.
  • Company Secretary (CS) – Effective and efficient administration of a company.
  • Accountant and many more.

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But the question is: why commerce field?

Previously, you may not have chosen the line you want to go for, or you are facing the dilemma of selecting the stream after your 10th grade. Maybe you are confused whether commerce is right or not. There are reasons why every field is different and has its advantages.

The pros of choosing commerce are:

  • The field is affordable and economical when it comes to a job. You can work in the same city in which you have studied.
  • You will learn about the business and economic world, about how it works.
  • The scope is not limited to CA, CS or B.com. There are wide ranges of courses available. You may not have heard about them much: Stock Broking and Investment Analyst or Bachelors in Banking and Insurance.
  • These are the subjects which are always in demand. It will not matter if there are any economic changes in the industry (the need for eligible commerce graduates will increase).

For example – In India, when Goods and Services Tax was introduced in the year 2016, the demand for Chartered Accountants had increased exponentially.

  • The field of commerce somehow comes with fewer burdens. You can give time to yourself, to your hobbies while completing the job. It is less stressful than the other professions.
  • It is not mandatory to have Maths as a part of your course. You can study commerce without Maths. But you can’t escape basic calculations.
  • It is no less than the science stream. It is full of competition and struggles.

In the end, only your interest will matter. It doesn’t matter if you are a below average student or just an average student, passion with hard work will always take you to your destination. Choose wisely because this will be the initial step in achieving your professional goals.

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