What is the Benefit of use Aluminum for Car Body?

What is the Benefit of use Aluminum for Car Body?

It is soft, light, expensive and “difficult” to produce. Aluminum alloy does not rust, but it tires, over time, in alternating stresses. Its presence in the automotive industry results in a reduction in waste of natural resources. This was originally based on the makers’ effort for lighter components – much lighter cars and therefore reduced consumption – before the massive rolling of plastics.

Why Aluminum alloy is best in car industry:

Aluminum is a high performance non-ferrous metal worldwide, and the cost is much lower than that of titanium alloy and carbon fiber. Aluminum alloys are suitable for large-scale applications, and are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. The data show that since 1888, about 75% of the aluminum metal is still in use today. Energy consumption from recycled aluminum is equivalent to 5% of the original energy consumption of aluminum production, but energy consumption from scrap steel is equivalent to 25% to 60% of energy consumption from refined fusion steel.

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly green metal and a propeller of the “low carbon economy”. Aluminum has excellent properties, ranging from Space shutters and advanced equipment for packaging containers, pots and pans; Aluminum is not only an important building material that directly promotes the appearance of aircraft, high-speed rail, but also an important operational material, to become the basis of new materials, advanced production equipment and new energy strategic emerging industries. It provide basic support to the car body

Aluminum alloy is a green material that is completely harmless to the environment. Aluminum alloys are made of aluminum ingots with a purity of up to 92% as the main raw material, and metallic elements such as carbon, magnesium, silicon, sulfur are added to increase durability, hardness and wear resistance. Aluminum alloy recovery rate is about 80%. At present, 60% of aluminum alloy car materials come from recycled waste. It is expected that the aluminum alloy recovery rate will increase further by over 90% in the future.

  • Due to the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection and energy saving, lightweight vehicle has become the trend of the global automotive development.
  • Lightweight is to ensure the power and safety of the car provided the vehicle weight is reduced as much as possible so as to improve the car’s power, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust emissions.
  • Lightweight is the irreversible trend of passenger car development, increasing the proportion of aluminum is the most realistic option for lightweight.
  • Usually, body weight consumes about 70% of the fuel, so reducing the car’s fuel consumption is the first problem to make the car lighter. Generally speaking, the two parts of the body and the chassis make up more than 60% of the total weight of the vehicle.

Therefore, the lighter the materials used in the body of the body and chassis, the weight of the vehicle will decrease very quickly. So Aluminum alloy is one of best component which is used in car indrustry these days. The use of SAF Aluminum by Cymat Technologies in the parts that make up cars and trucks has increased steadily in the last decade.

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