Useful Vaastu Tips to Usher in Positivity in Your Living Room

Living room is for gathering and socializing. It is a versatile area of the household that is mostly utilized for relaxation, entertainment and recreation. It is that one place where you bond with family and also entertain your guests. So, it needs to be comfortable and well decorated. The ambiance of your living space should encourage great conversations which will further make great memories.

Living rooms are generally situated near the main door of the house and so, they are considered to be the entry point of positive or negative energies in your home. Vaastu Shastra is the ancient art which translates as ‘the science of architecture’. It specifies the manner how to usher in positive vibes into your house by particular construction guidelines or proper arrangement of furniture, fixtures and colours. While I was looking for a 3BHK apartment near Barasat railway station, I also researched a lot about Vaastu remedies for homes that are meant to solve domestic or financial problems. It came to my knowledge that every room serves different purpose and thus has specific Vaastu requirements.

Let’s see what should be the proper Vaastu arrangements in your living room that can bring in wealth, prosperity and happiness:

1. Direction:

According to Vaastu, the living room should be constructed in the North, East or North-East direction. For a South facing house, it can be in South-East corner. Living room in the Northern location adds a congenial ambience to the room, infusing positive vibrations while the North-East location makes it a storehouse of positive energy and bestows the residents with serenity and mental peace. North-West direction belongs to the element of air or Vaayu that brings movement and restlessness to the guests while South-West direction represents earth or Prithvi that makes them feel comfortable and quite at home.

2. Furniture:

Vaastu recommends furniture should be square or rectangular in shape instead of circular ones in your living room as circular shaped furniture is believed to bring confusion in life. The head of the family should sit facing East or North and guests should be made to sit facing the West or South direction. The sofa sets must be placed against North or East walls to get bright sun rays from East direction in home. Keep heavy furniture in the West or South-West direction of the living room.

3. Electronic Gadgets:

South-East direction is ideal for placing all your electronic gadgets and appliances. Set up your television in the South-East corner where you can place other electrical appliances like the cooler or the air-conditioner in the West or the North corner of the room. If a TV placed in North-West corner, the family will end up wasting a lot of time watching TV.

4. Spirituality:

God presides in North-East direction. So, if you have a small temple or prayer area it remains an ideal direction to offer your prayers. You can also hang portraits of God in this corner. However, avoid hanging any portrait or painting depicting negative energy like war, crime, pain or anger, etc. here.

5. Wall Colours & Lighting:

According to Vaastu, colours like white, light yellow, green and blue are the best choices for the living room walls as they bring in a tranquil vibe and promote a sense of togetherness and affection between the guests and residents. Avoid dark colours like red and black on the wall. Keep your living room well-lit throughout the day and at night by placing lights with soothing glow in different corners.

General rules:

These are the basic Vaastu guidelines for your living room. However, there are some Do’s and Don’ts that you must follow when it comes to retaining the aesthetic appeal of the home.
• It’s very important to keep your living room free of clutter and dirt. Organize your staff by having separate storage spaces.
• Place a chandelier in the South or West direction of the room and not in the centre.
• Aquariums are great accessories for your living room interior as they look beautiful and also promote peace and relaxations. East, North or North-East of the living area. They should be kept in East, North or North-East of the living area.

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