Upgrade Your Driveways Manchester- Concrete Block Vs Pattern Imprinted Concrete

Driveways Manchester

One thing that is noticed by most of the people is a well-maintained Driveways Manchester. Because it is the thing that has a significant role in appealing and increasing the value of your home. In fact, having a beautiful driveway increase 10% of the value of your property. Therefore, don’t ignore its benefits for moving house.

A car saves your lot of budget if you have a proper driveway for car parking. Otherwise, your 80% budget will spend on the maintenance of the car if you park it on a tired or pothole path. So, a driveway doesn’t only put a great impression on the visitor but it is a good car parking source. Therefore, the time has come to think seriously about it.

Time to upgrade your home:

A Driveways Manchester that contains concrete is the perfect value of money. Because it stays for a longer time as compared to other materials. As you decide that concrete is the right choice for a driveway then you have two options. One is a concrete block and the other is pattern imprinted. Which one is right for you?

What is the concrete block?

Concrete blocking became popular in the last 70s and 80s. it was a time that customers have limited choices in style and colors. Few designs with small color options existed in the past. Now the concrete industry has developed and aroused with several textures and a wide range of colors. A concrete block is based on a sand course that interlocks all blocks with each other. Because they make excellent bonding with each other. That thing provides excellent strength in the driveway.

What is imprinted concrete?

Pattern imprinted concrete might recently introduce for the new driveway. But it is very beneficial as well. In this process, a concrete layer is poured on a sub-base rather than finishing on an individual process. After this, a suitable color is applied as it becomes harder. For desiring finish, a pattern matt applies over wet concrete. You can apply several colors of your choice that will give your driveway a more appealing look.

Advantage of concrete blocking:

  • A variety of styles, textures, and styles make it more attractive.
  • Reliable for an appealing look of a driveway
  • Extremely durable that can last for many years
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Easy to remove and access
  • Need little uplift for the movement of pipes
  • The disadvantage of concrete block driveway:
  • Easy to sink in case of poor installation under the weight of a car.
  • It doesn’t usually happen but depend on what kind of surface is laid down.

Usually, depending on the material you use for the driveway. But it can be a little costly for two concrete driveway choices.

No issue in its look after in this kind of driveway. But erosion and degradation need individual block maintenance. This thing makes it a little unreliable for the driveway option.

Driveways Manchester
Driveways Manchester

Advantage of the imprinted concrete driveway:

Imprinted concrete driveway works efficiently in installation. Because this kind of concrete driveway allows covering more area quickly. This driveway provides fewer opportunities for holding weed and moss. Therefore, this unwanted greenery starts to appear between each crack with time. But it doesn’t mean that you need to use weed killing. It is applied to the top of the sub-base. Therefore, it wouldn’t suffer sinking while movement.

The disadvantage of imprinted concrete:

It has less attraction and appeal. But for visually appealing, matts patterned apply for the alignment of the driveway. That is not in its favor. Cracks are common in the imprinted driveway and can large if don’t fill. Although patch repairing is possible but has to cover the entire area.

But it is not the guarantee that it will come in original shape as well. Another issue is that it is not penetrable. It means this concrete doesn’t allow water to drain. So, because of the draining issue. The imprinted driveway should install in front of the garden. In the case of pipework, the driveway will break and then re-patched.

With this process, a lot of potential need and you will have to repair it after every 2 to 4 years. Re-applying might not match with the old layer. The imprinted driveway can be slippery especially in winter because of ice. It makes harder to walk over it.

What will be the cost?

It is essential to keep in mind the size of the place because the size will determine the cost of your driveway. It’s all installation, material, and area are concerning point for the exact cost.


Bothe concrete driveway has its negative and positive points. But concrete block should be your first choice due to more benefits. If you are planning for making a beautiful driveway for your new or existing home. A concrete block driveway is the most suitable option because of many colors and styles.

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