Top 9 Quality Control Inspection & Testing Services China Specializes in

Quality Control Inspection

China is already recognized to deliver top-of-the-line Quality Control inspection services worldwide. With advanced testing equipment and first-rate QC inspectors, they hold their aces in conducting every possible inspection, testing, and certification procedures to not only ensure the quality of the products but also the credibility of suppliers. Here are the top QC testing and inspection services China and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Myanmar specialize in.

  1. Initial Production Quality Check

The QC professionals validate the quality of goods right at the onset of the production to avoid any dispute which might have occurred during the production process. This is important to get a better picture of the production process including checking the samples, outlays, production schedules, etc.

  1. During production inspection

The inspectors ensure your order is in keeping with the highest industrial standards such as Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL), workmanship, size, weight, functionality, aesthetics, appendages, packaging, etc.

  1. Final random inspection

As the name suggests, final random inspection involves superficial and random assessment of the quality of the order. It helps you identify and quantify product defects, inspect and report overall quality of the product for final approval or refusal. Sifting through artwork, functionalities, packing, and packaging are some of the activities involved in the final random inspection.

  1. Container Loading supervision

This is an important inspection endeavor which takes place precisely at the site where the supplier is about to load the goods inside the containers. This process ensures you get the peace of mind that your product was packed, loaded, and shipped in a timely and efficient manner.

  1. Product monitoring

This evaluation process entails checking the execution of the QC standards and instructions. The inspectors inspect production materials, machinery, and operator competency and provide real-time reports of the production process.

  1. Supplier Audit

Can you trust your suppliers and production capabilities? Do you know if they comply or violate the industrial norms? This is where audit services come to the picture. The QC inspection company will provide an array of supplier audit options such as first assessment audit, monitoring audit, and social audit specific to your business needs.

  1. Product sampling

The QC professionals obtain a golden sample of the product you want to order and check its credibility. This is important to get a second opinion to cater to your millennial consumers better.

  1. Laboratory testing

The QC inspection companies in China have tie-ups with independent laboratories to perform mechanical testing, chemical testing. RoHS, CE, Reach, Azo-free, EMC, WEE, EN71, UL, care labeling etc. to provide certifications. This is imperative for businesses that want to import or sell their products in their country without any legal hassles.

  1. Certification and company registration checks

Verifying the validity of your supplier’s certifications such as CE, ROSH, Reach, etc can also be assigned to the QC inspection firm to avoid any awkward situation in the future. Company registration credentials such as business registration number, Export license, and other relevant details are also a part of the evaluation process.

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