Three Apps that are a Workplace Must Have

Workplace Must Have apps

Almost ten years ago, no one would have imagined having apps in a workplace, back then you had filing cabinets and assistants to do what we now do on our phones. Thanks to the digitalization, companies now need to make an extra effort to keep up with digital employees who are looking for an opportunity to waste time under the company’s payroll. This has led to an increase in the use of apps in corporate settings. With the development of apps, more and more productive applications are coming out every single day. While not all of these may be good enough to use, we listed three apps that should be used in every single organization, and they can greatly increase the productivity of a company:

·             BlurSPY

BlurSPY could be called the best spy app for any office. BlurSPY contains state-of-the-art monitoring services that enable an employer to monitor employees from the comfort of his office constantly. An employer can never know what an employee is doing in their cubicle, as far as he knows, the employee could be working on his project or watching Videos on YouTube, this can prove to extremely devastating to business than it seems. An employee slacking off can turn out to be a heavy load on the annual income of a company. Prevent all this and to make sure that an employee does the work he is supposed to be doing; an employer can start using BlurSPY. Other than this, BlurSPY also guarantees that the office laptops and tablets are being used for what they are intended to do and not just a source of entertainment, making Android Spy the most suitable app for any workplace looking to increase its annual income.

·             Sendgine

Sendgine is a productivity tool that was first built in 2009 for lawyers as a medium through which they could stay in touch with their clients. However, it has become so much more than what it was seven years from today. Sendgine’s founders have clearly stated that they hate the way email works. They claimed that email giants like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail are too busy on other projects to improve the way email works. While some may argue that email services provided by the fore-mentioned companies are as good as if they ever going to get, but Sendgine is an example that there always is room for improvement. Sendgine not only provides emailing services but also contains a feature to start conversations with people having similar interests as you. It also serves as Siri or maybe Cortana, as it can provide constant reminders about your appointments, or maybe your sisters’ birthday, or a meeting with your client. Sendgine Founder Jeff Goens claimed that Sendgine is a tool to help email reach greatness, claiming that they strive to be better than Yahoo, Google or any other company that provides similar services, and at the rate, they are going, they may leave these companies in the dust soon enough.

·             AppMesh

AppMesh is an event planning application with a bunch of features that puts it miles ahead of its competition. It is a combination of all the features that you’d have to write down somewhere otherwise or deal with the stress of remembering everything all the time. It allows a bunch of friends, whether teens or adults, to start events without the hassle of calling every friend about who’s going to bring the drinks or who’s making the pizza. It can allow us to set up events, invite or friends, make hotel arrangements, and also view what our friends are attending at the same time. It also provides messaging facilities to anyone in your contact list. One of the best features of Mesh is that it has a Payment contribution feature that allows an event planner to post the price of say, staying at a certain hotel, and the app allows all of the people attending the event to chip in their share, making sure that wherever you plan to go, you do it in the most peaceful way possible.

For all those businessmen and employers who are not using these and similar apps; it’s never too late. Now is the perfect time to start using these apps.

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