The Art of Decision-making: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think

The Art of Decision-making: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Many times, there is a situation in everyone’s lives where they face the dilemma, and unable to make the right decision. How would people react in such a condition? Some may give up, while others may try to find the perfect solution.

All face the stumbling block in the journey of life, many blossoms with the good decisions while others fear to take the right decision and feels helpless thinking their decision can turn everything haywires.

There are many well-known personalities, whose right decision inspires us a lot. One of the personalities is Nick Gamache Journalist, senior advisor of media relation has taken decision in his career life making him a successful professional.

Follow this rule to make the right decisions:

Take time and look inward:

Do not make any decision in a hurry.Many people make a mistake, either they overlook every aspect of the problem or they make the decision in a hurry. Always take enough time to reach the conclusion.

Also, concentrate on the goals that need the right decision. Think about what the objective is and how to achieve that objective. When people give insights into the problem, they find solutions.

Peace of Mind:

Never ever make the decision when you are upset, depressed or stressed, or angry, when a decision is made with the stressed mind, people tend to take the wrong decision, without thinking properly about the condition.

Wait till the mind reaches the relax stage, give some time, and allow the bad phase to blow over.

Learn to say “No”:

The biggest weakness of many people is that they hesitate to say “No” to others. People need to work on their plans and schedules first.

In business, there are many cases, where the business takes the task form the client, but due to lack of resources and time constraints, they are unable to meet the deadline.

Take advice:

Seeking advice is never a bad idea when you are stuck or unable to judge the present condition. Sometimes taking advice helps a lot, people tend to find the right decision.

People learn from others’ experiences, the person who went through the same situation may guide better.

Explore all the options:

Do not limit yourself. List down all the possible choices. Think about the pros and cons of every option, by doing so, people tend to make the right decision. Some decisions are positive and fruitful, but others may not bring the desired outcome. Consider them as learning and move on.

Nick Gamache has decided to spend many years as a member of Canadian media, which helped him to understand politics better. He transferred his learning in the current role with Elections of Canada.

Future Aspects:

While making an important decision, keep in mind its impact on the future as well. Many people only consider the present scenario and do not think about the future. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the problem before reaching to any major conclusion.

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