Student-Run Public Relations – The Best Medium to Reach the Mass Market

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Public relations in business is all about what marketing media you are using to reach the mass market. If you are on a tighter budget, there are some great ways you can use marketing to get to the market you want. Take a look at the best media to reach the mass market without blowing your marketing budget.

Provide Great Content

Having great content is of utmost importance. It’s not expensive to get people on your team to crank out useful content for your visitors. Content marketing means that sharing content online is probably the best way to reach the mass market.

Create Some Videos

Videos are better than text and images would ever be. How many videos go viral on the internet every single day? It’s such a simple and effective medium to reach the mass market. The video could be about anything to do with your business. The main thing is that it provides great content to the viewers in the hope that it will be shared.

Social Networking

Social media is the key and number one medium to get a business or product to the mass market. It’s now easier than ever to feature everything you want on social media and have it seen by thousands of people. Invest in Facebook and Google ads. These have been proven to bring in the big profits for many a company.

Get Great Advertising

There are so many different ways you can advertise. A great way to reach the mass market in your local area is by flyering. Leafleting can bring in a lot of local business to you, and it’s a cheap option which yields great results.


Infographics are great things to feature on flyers and within your promotions too. They’re easy for people to digest, and people love to share them around. People underestimate just how powerful an infographic can be as a marketing tool.

Online Contests

Especially for students promoting different events, offering contests where the winner will be announced at the event is a great marketing tool. Many people love a great contest, especially if it’s free to enter. So why not market to the masses and draw more people into your event by starting a competition?

Partnering with Other Businesses

There are a lot of businesses that would happily partner with others to do special events, webinars or promotions. Partnering with a similar business means that you get twice as much attention from the public. If you decide to partner with someone who does something similar, you will be introduced to an entirely new audience that will be interested in what you do.

Business Cards

Much like leafleting, having business cards and handing them out or posting them through doors lets people know you’re there. Receiving a business card may encourage people to see when your next event or promotion is.

Guerrilla Marketing

This marketing involves being creative and is less focused on the budget. These strategies are often easy to implement and are normally quite cheap. 

We’d love to hear about what other methods you use to reach the mass market. What is working for you and which one of these would you like to try?

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