Sony new wireless earbuds offer a sweat-proof design 2020

Sony continues to round out its line of true wireless earbuds, including models created for different uses at different cost points. On the low-end, the WF-XB700 retails for $129.99, while the high-end of the line continues to get more crowded with the recent addition of the WF-SP800N for $199.99.

The brand-new WF-SP800N earbuds are tailored toward individuals who wish to listen to music while exercising. On the other hand, the similarly priced WF-1000XM3 earbuds stay Sony’s flagship real wireless headphones when it comes to sound quality, thanks in big part to their more advanced HD Noise-Cancelling Processor QN1e and Double Sound Sensor.

The distinctions in between these 2 high-end earbuds are plenty, but the biggest items to consider are the WF-SP800N’s use of rubber ear wings to produce a secure fit, along with their IP55 water and dust defense created to guard against sweat and outside components.

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Are you more concerned with having the best sound quality and best active noise cancellation, or are you more thinking about resilience and longer battery life for routine exercise? If you’re trying to find earbuds to cover the latter, then the Sony WF-SP800N could be an ideal option.

Design and fit

Compared to rivals, Sony’s wireless earbuds have actually disregarded thin and smooth style in favor of more battery life and additional functions. The marketing photos do a great task of concealing the size, however the WF-SP800N earbuds are chunky and protrude of your ear a fair bit.

Despite the increased size, the rubber ear wings do an excellent job of keeping each earbud secure and in place, even while running for extended time periods and sweating plenty. There are different-sized wings in the box to fit bigger and smaller ears. Though a bit much heavier than some competing designs, the earbuds still handle to feel light when worn.

The greatest question in regards to fit will be your particular ears. I find the middle-sized silicone ideas to be the most comfy for hours of use without ear fatigue, but they do not create a seal and most of the low-end bass noise gets lost as a result. With the larger size silicone pointers, I have the ability to experience the full scope of Sony’s Bonus Bass sound, however the fit is less comfy.

Due to the fact that the earbuds are a bit large, the case likewise requires to be bulky to fit their size. The case is certainly huge, but it still suits a pocket or handbag without much difficulty or trouble. The greatest problem is that they stop working the “small jeans pocket test” and, unlike the Google Pixel Buds, AirPods, or AirPods Pro, they do not squeeze into my trousers’ smallest pocket for the supreme portability.

The earbuds consist of touch-sensitive controls, rather than physical buttons. Even with a relatively large surface area to tap, I discover the controls to be more difficult to find with my finger than those on the AirPods Pro or Google PixelBuds. To get the best results, I’ll pinch the fat sides with my thumb and middle finger to help assist my index finger to the touch area. The entire experience here is fiddly, and far more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

One small nitpick on the style is Sony’s use of red. The charging case only utilizes a traffic signal for a sign. Because red is typically utilized to signify low battery on most devices, this design choice constantly triggers me to think the earbuds are running low on power. The best earbud likewise utilizes a red circle the “r” to highlight that it’s for your right ear. This is revealed inside the earbuds’ app, and so at first look it constantly looks like one of the earbuds has low battery and the other one doesn’t.


  • Up to nine hours of battery life from the earbuds (ANC on).
  • Up to 18 hours battery life with the consisted of charging case (ANC on).
  • IP55 score for water and dust defense.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection.
  • Voice Assistants: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Siri.
  • Supported codecs: SBC/ AAC

Setup and app.

Out of the box, the preliminary setup for the WF-SP800N is a piece of cake. You open the case, take the earbuds out, and select them on the Bluetooth list in your phone’s settings. In practice, whatever works as anticipated.

Linking them to a 2nd device, nevertheless, is where things get aggravating. Long story short, you have to wear the earbuds while holding the left and right touch areas for seven seconds to put them into Bluetooth discovery mode. Unfortunately, this process isn’t obvious and the guidelines in package are type of buried.

When it comes to changing settings, Sony’s Headphones Connect app is great, but not excellent. It’s used for sophisticated controls and reconfiguring the touch commands on the earbuds. This very same app is also utilized for other Sony devices, so some purchasers might have experience with it currently. It does the trick, but it’s not especially attractive.

The app includes a sliding scale for the earbuds’ Ambient Sound Control. This setting provides a range from no to 20 so you can choose just how much of the outside world you want to hear. The quantity of choice and nuance here looks like overkill. There’s likewise a choice to have automated choice of environment control based upon your motion and location. When using this function, the ambience setting modifications quite often, even when I just go from sitting to gradually strolling throughout the yard, and each transition comes with a long time out. The ambient controls work well, but I advise altering them by hand instead of using the automatic alternative.

The app will also let you set up the touch manages so if you do not like the play functions on the right side, you can switch them to the left side, or you even can make them both the exact same so you do not accidentally tap the wrong one. Sound equalization becomes part of the app as well, enabling you to more modify the earbuds’ sound profiles Read More.

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