Soak in Serenity While in Dooars this Quarantine

Like every other couple who are smitten by wanderlust, Avi and Netra also decided to spend the sultry summer of March amidst the verdant greens and lofty mountains of Dooars. Bogged down by the creepy deadlines and hectic schedules, their sore nerves were quite ready for the much needed refreshment. And, with a beautiful home right on the Himalayan foothills, who would give a second thought about a serene vacation?

With everything decided and the travel itinerary perfectly on place, the couple bid adieu to the City of Joy on February end to spend a month long vacation in the Dooars. Netra has always loved the lushness of the place. Quite obvious this is for a brilliant student of Botany. And, Avi would never miss a single opportunity to romanticise about the charm of Darjeeling. Playing his guitar in an isolated nook of Mall is his idea of a perfect kind of holiday. With a bevy of interests in common, and a tour plan perfectly chalked out, there’s practically no doubt that Dooars would be their favourite escapade when the weary soul seeks for solace.

But, who would have thought that the outbreak of Covid-19 suddenly would turn everything upside down? Little did they know that their travel plan would come to a halt for an uncertain period of time. Even the plan to go back to the city was paused following the lockdown. Thankfully, they own a
real estate property in Dooars, which saved them for weighing down their wallet.

However, for Netra and Avi, staying in Dooars is the happening thing ever. Here’s how they are spending their quarantined days at home.

1. Mesmerized by the Marvellous Murti

As already mentioned, the couple had a studio apartment close to the river Murti. In fact, the balcony of their apartment offers an uninhibited glance to the Murti river. The burbles of Murti, as its water cuts through the rocky valleys makes every evening quite enchanting. Listening to the flowing river, as you read, eat, and rest is how they are spending absolutely idyllic days during quarantine.

2. Indulging in Fun & Indoor Games

The couple believes that this lockdown phase is a blessing in disguise at least for them. Why Because it gives them opportunities galore to spend quality time with each other ( which is hardly possible due to their hectic schedules) and enjoy the vintage charm of the place. Far from the urban cacophony, their quaint home offers cosy retreat in the lap of Himalayas. Evenings are mostly spent by playing guitar by Avi and Netra complementing the mesmerising tunes with her dance. The couple also enjoys several indoor games together to make the quarantined days less frustrating.

3. Living the Vintage Charm

Even if you are staying indoors, the quaint charm of Dooars never cease to amaze you. Right at the foothills of Himalayas, where jungles & streams merge with free roaming animals, you can come across meek elephants in your front yard as the unexpected guests. While this is quite an experience for the couple, they mostly enjoy sipping tea, right inside the tea garden (which has been in their dream for years) ever morning.

The Final Takeaway

Quarantined days are indeed frustrating, but right at this moment social distancing is the only way out. Like Avi and Netra, you can also enjoy the quarantined days soaked in fun, laughter, and happiness. And, with a home at the pleasant setting of Dooars, what else would you need for refreshments during quarantine?

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