Shine Mortgages Brought Ease to My Struggle of First Time Home Buying

Home Buying

I may not describe it in words but I am so happy and relieved that I want to share my experience. Let us start with my introduction.

Hi, I am John Smith (a proud homeowner), I am a software engineer with a satisfactory income. I and my wife Sara are happily married with one daughter Emily. After she turned thirteen, we thought to extend our dreams and have a roof of our own. After all, we wanted to ensure future security for our only child. Also, we had to think of a nest to rest for our old age.

I thought it is all impossible

I was not clear from where should I start. Sometimes it came in my mind that I will never be able to get the funds and a home for my family is not a near future.  I was worried about how our ‘tomorrow’ will be. Things were unclear, uncertain and I was losing hope.

My better half helped me regain lost zeal

My wife Sara was also tensed and on a weekend, we were sitting to find a solution. I was quite confused about the formalities and thought that we should not try until the year-end. But she made me understand that problems are like speed breakers. You do not need to stop your journey but slow down a little. I decided to give it a try.

I started working on the task – Initially, it was like a maze

The first thing was to start working on the plan. I had no other big loan. This was obvious to bring countless confusions and I was feeling helpless. I went to a few lenders but couldn’t get the deal that I can call affordable. The rate of interest was my concern, as I had to take care of my capacity to bear the obligation. I was expecting something flexible.

Next Day, My colleague suggested to try online options –  I wasn’t aware of this

And the name he suggested was Shine Mortgages

Do mortgage lenders exist online? I was shocked when my colleague told me that I should try for online mortgage deals. As an ignorant applicant of mortgage for first-time buyers, it was all new to me. I thought he is joking but he was true as he himself took the funds when he bought his home.

According to his suggestion, I actually made a visit to its website The good thing is I did not encounter disappointment. Yes, I had some doubts but the 24×7 available customer care and online chat service cleared all my doubts.

I took my decision of taking funds from Shine due to following reasons

My prime concern was to know about the mortgage in detail as a first-time buyer. At the website of Shine Mortgages, I got all my answers.

My calculation
Property value £200000
My deposit amount £30000
Applied for the mortgage of £170000 (85% of property value)
Mortgage tenure 20 years
Monthly payments £857.00
  • Following are the prime reasons that made me choose the lender.

Everything is explained on the cost of the deal – I got descriptive information on the total cost of the mortgage according to the deposit. For instance – If my deposit is 5% (which is the basic need of the lender) then what will be the interest rate, loan amount as well as a monthly cost.

Quite committed to customisation feature – I was afraid that like most of the other lenders, Shine Mortgages shows the ‘customised deals’ tag just to attract customers. But I was wrong, I actually got the deal tailored according to my current income status and that made it ‘easy to afford’.

Simple procedures – without wasting any time I was just asked for the few details. My income proof, bank statement, income-outgoing detail, obligations (I had only one on a personal loan), my age. I filled all the information in the application form and immediately the approval decision came. Thankfully, I was approved.

High approval rate – I am not telling this because I was approved, I got to know through the reviews that this lender has a good approval rate. It makes a fund seeker feel extremely relieved.

Had a good bargain on property inspection report – Shine Mortgages is liberal and on the basis of property inspection I could get a little lower rate on the loan. I didn’t need to try hard to convince it on my concerns. Due to the rational approach, the lender easily understood my concern.

Not hefty instalments – As I got the deal in my favour I was already relaxed on this aspect. My instalment amount was small and as I am still paying my mortgage, I face no difficulty.


From rate quote to repayments, I crossed the journey smoothly due to liberal and advanced approach of Shine Mortgages.

I and my family feel on top of the world for having gone through all the procedures so smoothly. It is awesomely great to laugh, eat, play and sleep under our own roof. Thanks can be a small word but it comes directly from my heart for my lender for being so rational and not tricky or greedy.

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