Safety Advantages of Living in an Apartment Complex

Safety and security – these two aspects often dominate the home buying decision of modern buyers. Living in an apartment within a residential complex instead of an individual house has its safety perks. Study reveals, modern nuclear families feel much safer living in apartment complexes. Lavish amenities, tall ceilings, spacious 3-sides open luxury apartments in a residential project are fine as long as all the safety measures are in place. In modern nuclear families, the working professionals who stay away from home for hours are often worried about their children or elderly members of the family while leaving them alone at home. They want to invest home where their wellbeing along with overall safety will be taken care of.

Arnab Sengupta, a software engineer by profession, was looking for a home in the newly built residential projects near EM bypass as the area boasts of excellent connectivity. Moving into a new home with an elderly mother and newly-married wife, he was concerned about their safety and security. “Luxury amenities are fine. But I was looking for an apartment complex that will invest in the overall safety of its residents. We cannot predict how and when danger will come but we must at least be prepared. I am satisfied with the safety measures we have in this complex”, said Arnab after booking a 3 bhk apartment near Science City.

To minimize the safety issues faced by apartment dwellers, various measures are being initiated by most apartment society. Here are some of the most important safety measures that make apartment complexes a safer place than individual homes:

1. Strict access control:

If anyone can enter the apartment premises without any access control, then the residents are never safe. Tight security and strict access control should be there to prevent any unwanted visitors from entering the premises. Perimeter wall and strictly controlled gates that are closed at most times of the day and night give the residents a sense of security. This will only allow the residents and their guests to enter the area. Some residential projects install video door phone so that residents can see the visitor before allowing them into their space. Peephole viewers, deadbolts, security chains and other security devices should be in place to ensure several layers of access control.

2. Fire Safety:

As residential units are built very close to each other, risk associated with fire is also very high in such places. Proper fire safety mechanism and equipment are extremely important to prevent loss of life and damage to property. To avoid the disaster, smoke alarm systems should be installed on every floor of the building and those should be tested at least twice a year. A clear Building Evacuation Plan should be in place with clearly marked fire escape route. Fire-fighting devices and extinguishers must be in place and at least some residents must be trained to handle them.

3. Reserved parking spaces:

Reserved parking spaces for every homeowner will not only keep your car safe but will also curb property crimes. The parking space should be well-lit 24×7 and there should be active surveillance cameras to record parking lot activity. The traffic should be uniformly followed in the apartment premises with fixed speed limit. Even in secure gated complexes, it’s better to leave no valuable items in the car to avoid theft or robbery.

4. Safe access to amenities:

Residential properties now offer dedicated amenities to make your life hassle-free and comfortable. Children’s play area, open spaces, community hall or gymnasiums – all should ensure proper safety measures. In this case, apartment complexes enjoy greater safety than individual houses. Kids can play safely in the dedicated play area whereas the elderly family members can take a walk leisurely on the designated open spaces without worrying about traffic or pollution.

5. Professional security personnel:

Even with several safety precautions and devices, we cannot predict how we will face a disaster. Our dependency on technology has increased still there is no substitute for dedicated security personnel in charge of safety of the residents. In most residential complexes, experienced and skilled security guards are employed to look after the overall safety of the building and neighbourhood. Domestic robbery, kids getting wounded, electrical hazards – we face miscellaneous safety issues in daily lives. Also, an extensive background research should be done before hiring security personnel who will be disciplined, committed and reliable.

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