Quitting Your Job to Studies: How to Do It Smartly?

Education paves the way to be wise and in establishing yourself in society. It helps in widening our mind and guides us to live a prosperous and stable life. Everyone after completing their education expects to get a handsome job with attractive salary. Well, sometimes people don’t get enough time to complete their education. There are unlucky fellows who had to quit their education in the middle and do a job to support their family or for any other reason.

Also, many students who are planning to start their education worries that their employment will affect their studies. Thus, they simply quit their job and this is something not very rare. There are numerous people who leave their job to start their school, but leaving the job means either you will have to take a leave (if your company permits) or just quit your job. You have to inform your team manager and the HR department of your company.

How companies react in such situations?

Well, the response will vary from company to company. There are many companies who will be happy with your decision. They will be expecting you to rejoin in the future and will take your decisions in a positive way. For them, your education will definitely improve your job performance. Also, there will be a chance that you might even receive an appraisal after rejoining as you will be having a new degree.

On the contrary, other companies will not be interested in your education and might even not approve your leave. Thus, the only options you will have either to quit the job or drop the idea of continuing your education.  And, you cannot be sure whether the company will accept your rejoining in the future or not after you have completed your studies.

Why to take a break from the job to complete your education?

After taking a leave or simply quitting your job, you can devote your time to your studies. Also, you will get the golden chance to spend time with your family member whom you were not able to give time because of your hectic routine. Enhancing your education will give a boost to your career and will unlock many new opportunities in the future. In case, if you plan to switch your job instead of rejoining your old company, the new employer will be impressed with your past work experience as well with your degree.

Also, updating your CV with your education qualification will help you get many internship program or temporary positions while you are still studying.  Professional aspects such as job security and income generally increase as your education qualification increases. The employment rate is higher when the level of education is also high in the place. Overall, expanding your education will have a major impact on your income and quality of life.

Are there any downsides of quitting the job to continue your studies?

Well, quitting your job in order to complete your studies will not going to be easy at all. The higher the degree the higher will be the cost, so going back to the college could be expensive. If you have saved some money, then that’s a good thing. But, if you still lack the amount and need additional fund on an urgent basis, then you can apply for loans for unemployed. You will be given the leverage by the lender to pay the amount after you have got a new job after completing your education.

Also, if you are quitting your job for your studies, then make sure that you do a complete full-time course. Taking a part-time course might not be enough to justify your gap in the job. The employers might come into doubt after seeing the gap in your resume and it might get difficult to convince them.

What should be your immediate steps?

Yes, you want to increase your education skills, but you need to take every decision in a rush. Prepare yourself emotionally and financially, and also you need to convince your parents about your decision. Here are some of the key things that you will have to consider:

  • Arrange all the credentials and documents needed
  • Make a list of few reputed colleges or schools
  • Inform your company timely
  • Ask the HR department where you can get the leave or not
  • Give at least two-week notice
  • Take advice from your seniors or experienced friends

Getting a high pay cheque might force you to think twice whether you should quit your job or not. But, if you really want to enhance your education skills, then you must not hesitate.

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