Proximity Amenities That Impact The Value Of Your Flat

Of late Madhyamgram is emerging as one of the prime real estate destinations of Kolkata. Offering a strategic location and affordable housing options, Madhyamgram is certainly becoming a homebuyer’s choicest destination.. Affordable apartments in Madhyamgram are becoming increasingly popular.

But, did you ever wonder what actually determines the price of your property? Well to a great extent, the proximity of your flat with the Civic  & Entertainment amenities determines the price of your flat.

Let’s take a look what are those Civic & Entertainment amenities that make 2/3 BHK properties in Madhyamgram area a value for money investment.

Public Transport: An area, well connected by public transport network is highly desirable. Madhyamgram, being situated at a strategic location at Jessore road, transport and communication is always a breeze.

It can be accessed through bus stops, train stations, and taxi stands. Such a convenience factor highly determines the price of a residential flat.

Supermarkets, Convenience stores, Multiplex & Shopping Mall: The second most important amenity is undoubtedly the availability of supermarkets and convenience stores in the closest vicinity. With Star Mall highlighting Inox & Spencer, and many such entertainment centres, weekend in Madhyamgram is definitely not boring. The proximity of Multiplex, Mall & supermarket plays an important role to influence the home buying decision of a prospective consumer. In the same way, it also adds to its value & future appropriation

Sports facilities clubs & Amenities: Residential properties are now coming up with sports and recreation facilities within the premises. Even in the affordable properties nowadays, you can have health and fitness centres, swimming pools, clubhouse and indoor gaming facilities. Unique projects are also offering luxury amenities like Rooftop Sky Garden with infinity Pool, cabanas etc.

Schools and Educational Institutes: Proximity to schools or any educational institution greatly influences the buying decision of a homebuyer. From this perspective Madhyamgram is certainly a great location. Homebuyers living with their family and their children often look for the availability of schools and educational institutions at the closest proximity. Over the past few years, several renowned and international schools have emerged in Madhyamgram which has made it a happening destination for the homebuyers. After all, proximity to the school works as a convenience factor that impacts the value of a property. It would be even better if the schools and the colleges around that location are reputable ones. This would perk up the price of the property even more.

Proximity to Religious venues: For many homeowners, proximity to the religious venue is one of the main reasons behind choosing their house. They are willing to pay a hefty amount simply to stay closer to the venues. This is why properties located closer to such venues are highly popular and at the same time it impacts the pricing strategy of a property.

These proximity factors are certainly the key determinants of the pricing of a residential project. While the pricing is always extremely competitive, it’s also true that the pricing is determined, keeping these proximity value into consideration. After all, you are not just buying a house. You are buying yourself a comfortable lifestyle.

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