Packaging – A Case Study


At PCB we are especially proud of our customers. We like to make your success a bit ours, as in the case of American Cosmetics. When we find a customer who gives the same relevance to the packaging as we do, then a great chemistry is established . This allows us to help you from our role to round out a shopping experience as perfect as possible.
In certain products, the package is more than a protection : it is a complement that helps to value the content. And Miin Korean Cosmetics is one of those examples. That is why its packaging could not be like anyone else’s .

The company: Miin Korean Cosmetics
Korean cosmetic products enjoy the best reputation in all of Asia and, for a few years, also in the West. Considering that the public in that part of the world is one of the most demanding and knowledgeable, Lilin Yang decided to bring these revolutionary cosmetics to the West.
Trusting that the reception would be good, he launched to open a physical store in Barcelona with immediate success. A few months later, Miin also started selling online (in addition to adding a new store in Madrid ).

The New Challenge
Online sales are many possibilities. A good strategy can expand the business scope exponentially, even through internationalization. Obviously, this implies a different distribution model and the packaging has to be solid to support the demands of logistics, but without losing the essence of the brand . By the way, what is that essence? What can a cardboard box bring to a Korean cosmetic?
The customer wanted a packaging aligned with their brand image . The characteristic pink color so recognizable in Miin had to be very present. After all, it is a tone that is psychologically associated with femininity , but also with innocence and delicacy .
Obviously, the Korean logo and characters also had to be protagonists: the origin of the product is an added value and not something circumstantial as it may be in other similar cases. In summary: Miin Korean Cosmetics needed functional packaging to preserve the integrity of cosmetics during transport, but at the same time, it had to be delicate, well-groomed and easy to relate to the brand .
Nor can we forget the importance of unboxing . In fact, the client marked it as a priority, understanding that his audience tends to share his experience on social networks … as long as he deserves it, obviously.
With the basic premises very clear, in PCB we started working side by side with the brand to find that point of balance.

The postal box was one of the most important products. Our proposal was clear from the beginning: the exterior had to be functional and “suffered” to not get the mark dazzling before the user due to handling issues. We wanted the impact to be unexpected , to generate that feeling of something special without being obvious.
The best option was to print the inside : reserve the pink color for the moment the user accesses the product .
Another idea to reinforce the positive message was to include a phrase like ” You look beautiful today “, both in English and Korean with its corresponding alphabet. These types of messages not only comfort the client, they also give the packaging a plus making it more attractive in the face of a possible unboxing and photos for Instagram.
The inner box is Miin design, delicate and elegant . Next to the postal box with the exterior in brown and the interior in pink, we managed to complete a consistent unpacking experience . But we needed something else, an element that made a difference by building a brand and that had a good fit with the product.
This was solved using a custom tissue paper with the brand logo as a pattern . It is a very subtle touch, a slight additional layer that highlights the qualities of the set – basically the same thing that cosmetics do with the appearance of the people who use them.
Finally, it was important to ensure the integrity of the package and that it would not be opened even by mistake or negligence. An incorrectly closed package conveys distrust, precisely the last thing a brand of laboratory products would want.
The solution consisted of a kraft paper boxes and tape that integrates very well with the package material but was also customized to, in this way, give a touch of brand to the shipment also externally.
What do you think of our packaging for Miin Korean Cosmetics? Do you think we have achieved the goal? Would you add or modify something? Tell us!

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