Moneta International UAB Cash Management System

Cash Management System

The payments and cash management market has been facing a significant transition. The ongoing digitisation of society including online and mobile banking trends is completely changing expectations of treasurers. So far, banks have habitually been slow to innovate and stay forward on the digital path. In isolation, how can banks take benefits of the digital opportunity to assemble products and services accustomed to varying customer demand?

The requirements in industries are changing rapidly. With increasing digitalization and rising pressure to become more capable, particularly with their cash management and payment configurations, many decision-makers are joining the top strategic relevance to the digitalization of industrial processes.

However, digital tools have not so far changed corporate banking the way it has other businesses, and banks still have a status for being traditional and slow to innovate, particularly in a world with bigger regulatory limitations and outdated IT planning. It is important for banks to adopt this culture quickly if they want to keep swiftness with their corporate customers who are accepting technological innovation within their own businesses.

Fortunately, despite the slower revolutions, digitalization is now starting to manifest itself, such as, in mobile banking, the transformation of payments standards, or the quest of working capital optimization. By recognizing such strategic shift, and given the developing modern-day needs of its technophile business treasurers, Moneta International UAB has widely revised and extended its digital and multichannel offering. 

Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, Moneta International UAB is the perfect payment and cash management solution for all businesses.  It makes business simpler and helps with any financial issues. Specifically, the group functions in the e-commerce industry, making numerous transactions for all recognized merchants. In addition, this group offers financial actions for small and medium businesses working in different sectors, in any non-sanctioned country. 

Eyal Nachum, managing partner at Moneta International says,“It’s a transformative new association as compared to the old, traditional banks.”

Moneta International has been working on the legitimate businesses issues coming out in the wake of tighter lender policies by performing the role of buffer between businesses and banks. With inventive and interactive tools, this group professionally maps a transaction flow of organization promoting better transparency.

With the in-depth study of transactions, advanced tools and a large network of partners, Moneta International offers banks with a clear picture of merchants. It maps the activity of merchants and displays transactions prior to reaching the banks. As a result, banks have better security and a more comprehensive and clearer picture of their customers. This, in turn, helps maintain long term and lucrative associations between banks and their business customers.

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