Mid-Century Modern Day Apartment Decor Tips

Apartment Decor Tips

When we talk about mid-century decor, it mainly describes the furniture, architecture and artwork from the 20th century itself. The mid-century is calculated between the periods (1945-1975). Identifying midcentury pieces is very important if you are focusing on the home decor tips. Before you take a step forward make sure you have a proper understanding of the history of the mid-century period and then accordingly create a modern mix.

To be precise, the enduring fame of the mid-century style and designs is based on several factors. In fact, it will give you an idea of the different materials used for the interior decorations and designs. The timeless quality of designs and style is said to appeal today’s homeowners. Some of the distinguishing features include:

  • Minimal ornamentation
  • Sleek and uncluttered lines with the help of both geometric and organic forms
  • Right functionality
  • Use of both traditional and non-traditional materials
  • A combo of different materials
  • Use of a vast range of colours including graphic use of black & white and colours from bold to neutral.

So, what are your plans? Are you planning to design your apartment in a mid-century style? Then, these above-mentioned points are quite apt for you to start. Of course, a luxury apartment will be apt for mid-century interior designs. Now, this takes us to some months back where one of our regular readers wanted to know about such designs and styles. At that time, she had recently bought a luxury residential project on Alipore road and she wanted a home decor that would mix the modern concept with old English culture. To her query, we shared the brief as mentioned above and for you there are more to come in the following paragraphs.

Tips to Furnish Your Home in Mid-Century Style

  • In order to stick to the designs and style, it is not necessary to create a duplication of those times. Get the feel but do not concentrate on doing things absolutely the same because it might spoil the entire look. When dealing with this style and the things related to it, you might feel browbeaten. All would be quite expensive, so pick up only those accessories and designs that suit your budget and lifestyle needs.
  • Buy vintage furniture, it won’t cost you much. In fact, only one large piece can set the entire tone of your house. Not necessarily, it would be a set. Only a single piece can do wonders. Whatever you do, make sure you avoid too many patterns instead stick to a particular colour range, especially when it’s wood.
  • The mid-century look showcases simplicity. Rather than a bunch of heavy things, the old English look focuses on a simple yet attractive presentation. Always keep this in mind, whenever you plan the layout of your space. The furniture you choose should have clean lines and be of multiple uses. Try and stick to those decor items that are geometric or modern in aesthetic.

Hope, you liked the ideas and tips shared in this post about mid-century interior decor.

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