Low Investment but Big Profits – Some Pragmatic Business Ideas

Pragmatic Business Ideas

You can now see mushrooming of start-ups by the young entrepreneurs. It seems that the young generation, with their leadership skill and qualities, are interested to start something of their own instead of doing a nine-hour job. With a mix of their innovative ideas and hard work, they are making big differences They start from their garage or godown but don’t take much of time to flourish. In fact, the small-scale business is playing a role in giving a good shake to the share market every day.

It is quite usual to wish for big profits if you are running a business. Contrary to common myths that only the big investment brings big profit, you can read more even with low investment. But how? Keep on reading the blog to learn about the most profitable businesses that you can start with a low capital.


With a rise in the earning and massive change in the lifestyle, most urban people can now afford to wear designer dresses. Nobody wants to wear a dress that is found in others’ wardrobe. That rising craze to wear a unique dress could be the best capital to start your boutique business. You don’t need to invest a lot. A good idea about making designer clothes is important. You can start this business even without formal training in fashion designing.

Jewellery Making

It is another field that requires no formal training but creativity. Costume jewelleries are much in demand by the college-goers, housewives, professionals and even celebrities. These pieces of jewellery are inexpensive but stylish. Available in a variety of colours, they can be easily paired up with any outfit.

Purchase a set of jewellery making instruments along with beads, shells, lockets and other necessary elements. You can even use jute and clay models to make jewelleries. It is one of those businesses to start from your bedroom with a small investment but earn a huge profit once you build up your customer base.

Fast Food Centre

Everyone is a foodie. Why not to take advantage of others’ weakness for good food? A food centre at any popular place crowded by the office-goers or college students would be a very profitable venture. And if you think it needs to put a fortune at stake, you are wrong. If you live in an area dotted by commercial buildings or close to colleges and office premises, it is better to think about using your garage for the business purpose. Start small; you will grow big in a couple of years.

At starting, you can make 25-30% profit on initial investment. Later the percentage will get bigger. Serving delicious and good quality food is most important to stay in the business. Try to offer what is not dished out elsewhere. Serving the same dish with a little twist will also work in your favour.

There are other businesses you can start even without a heavy flow of capital. Still, with intelligence and hard work, you can enjoy a big profit. Do you have some better business ideas in this regards? Feel free to share those with us.

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