Types of Jumpers that you wear on Christmas

There are many types of jumpers available on the market but you may be unaware which one is suitable for you.

We all know that Christmas is a spring festival in which everyone wears new clothes and in especially UK people love to wear Jumpers and Sweaters.

So There are many options available in the market some of them I will discuss here.

Let’s get started

1. Star war Christmas jumpers

Star war is the best Tv movies own by Disney a people love to wear these jumpers.

2. The nerdy

The nerdy Christmas jumper wearer is kitted out in clothes depicting their favorite slogans from the world of TV, films, and video games. Instead of Father Christmas, you’ll see Chewbacca. And there’ll be so many “clever” slogans emblazoned across them from “Winter Is Coming” to “Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho Ho Ho” to obscure lines from the once-aired 1962 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

3. The inappropriate

Seeing every opportunity as a chance to shock and amaze, thus showing how wild and daring they are, the inappropriate Christmas jumper wearer will be well prepared for the day, having sought out his jumper from the darkest corners of the internet weeks in advance. Blending traditional festive style with images of sex, violence, and Santa urinating on reindeer, the only thing that will spoil this comedic maverick’s fun will be the other office clown turning up in the same jumper. Not to worry though, because their jumpers will only stay on until Carol from HR turns up with a reminder of company policies …

4. The Home Made

The homemade jumper wearer has put more time, care, and effort into this hand-knitted creation than an entire year’s worth of her actual work. And one that is guaranteed to win that ₤ 5 gift card promised to the best jumper in the office.



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