Inexpensive but Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

I love buying gifts for my fiancé. I buy her gifts on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, her birthday and Christmas. I also buy gifts for her even if no occasion is round the corner. For me, occasions are just big excuses to buy my girlfriend something that she loves.

During my college days, I always looked for inexpensive gifts. Even after bagging my first job a few months ago, I don’t spend lavishly to buy gifts for her. This is because, I believe in cutting coats according to clothes. Furthermore, the price of a gift is not a parameter of how much I love her.

If you are looking for some inexpensive but romantic gift ideas for the most special woman in your life, here are what I want to share with you all.

A Bouquet of Flowers

For me, nothing can make her smile more than a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers. The florists in my locality demand a heavy price for flower bouquets, especially on the special occasions. I switched to Walmart where I get spoilt for choice and spend a petty amount for a lovely bouquet.

A Box of Chocolates

Some sweets for your sweetheart! It is, without any doubt, one of the best romantic gifts. Is it inexpensive? Well, that depends on what you are buying. Some chocolates are affordable whereas others (obviously those are from the world-famous names) are very costly. Pick up what you can comfortably pay for. Try to lend it your personal touch by pasting a beautiful sticker on the packet.

A Special Card

A card with a beautiful message of love and care feels most special for my beloved. You will find a wider selection of beautiful cards at the gift stores. Pick up what you think will pour your heart out to your darling. If you want to make things different this time, print some special moments of your togetherness in heart-shaped papers of different bright colors and pin those on a plain card. Write a brief and interesting summary of your journey together.

You have to steal some time off your routine-packed schedule but the effort will be gratifying. She will feel the luckiest and happiest woman in the world. Make her feel special and that’s all she wants.

A Dinner Date

Amidst hectic work schedules, we find little quality time to spend with each other. Whether you are married or not, sharing thoughts, planning and joy with your girlfriend is always important. A romantic dinner is the best idea for that purpose.

But candlelight dinner at a celebrity restaurant will cost you a tidy sum. Well, I have a less costly plan for you. Why don’t cook her favourite meals to surprise your fiancé? These may not taste as heavenly as restaurant dishes; still your effort will touch her heart.

A Movie Date

Is she a movie buff? If yes, buy her a movie ticket. It will not be an expensive gift as well. Watching movies is a good romantic idea to spend time together. On your way back home, enjoy a cup of brewed coffee at a roadside small restaurant.

Do you have more inexpensive but romantic gift ideas in this regard? Share those with us……


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