Igor Kaparis Defines Fintech Focused on Personal Loans

The fintech industry is rising at a rapid rate, with newcomers entering the marketplace regularly. Lending is a major part of the financial market, and fintech is not an exception, with online lending experiencing an important place in the field. The situation is turning out more comfortable for both lenders and customers, as the procedure now needs far less engagement on both sides.

According to the current research by Igor Kaparis (the CEO of International Fintech), a big percentage of personal loans is covered outside of the conventional network of financial institutions. It’s worth to know that banks still make up the majority, but their share is decreasing at a remarkable rate that paves a way for fintech lenders. Competition is turning out severe for everyone involved, and lenders will have to step up their game if they wish to remain pertinent in this situation.

While the mass of the population relies on the bank for either taking loans or indulging into an investment, a new alternative is seen buzzing across the world i.e. fintech apps offering peer-to-peer (P2P) lending.

Recently, P2P lending and crowd-funding have shown a completely new set of investment opportunity for all stakeholders. P2P lending is in trend and the potential investors are now seen moving from the traditional way of business to the reasonable P2P lending apps for offering loans.

Given the development of market trends and rapid-paced investment in the field of fintech innovation, it is necessary to keep an eye on what this industry has piled up and how would the same help reshape the industrial globe.


Transparency is the most important factor, which is playing a role in the growth of this sector, as consumers are continuously expecting more and more from lenders. It’s simpler for a borrower to track their operating cost and see how their money is being used which makes it crucial for lenders to offer a sense of transparency and smooth integration with their services.

Customer Skill

Understanding the requirements of your customers is the best way to ensure that you are providing a good solution at every step, whether it’s via a personal line of credit or other products. Dividing the consumers based on their personality is a standard part of novel fintech operations. Analyzing a large quantity of data and predicting consumer usage pattern is not a hard ordeal at this point.

Debt Consolidation

A good lender always wishes to provide quality, reliable solutions for debt consolidation. This is a crucial service in the novel financial market, and fintech is well equipped to take on that challenge. The consumer in the lending market is often willing to change their main service provider if they get a better deal elsewhere. Even the rapidly developing nature of this market makes it crucial to know how to stay afloat. Adapting to the varying circumstances is crucial right now, and companies that invest time in researching the markets are the ones making a huge profit.

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