Many dream of having a car of their own, and they put their hearts and soul to accomplish it. Instead of using the public transport service, you can reach your office on time. You can take your family and children for a long road trip once a month or every weekend. So, you see, having a car of your own can help in many ways. However, after a specific time, people start ignoring the benefits of their vehicles. They start seeing their car as something that drains away their money. Well, this is not true. If you think that owning a car is a liability for you, then think again! Your vehicle can be your assets or a source to earn money if you know the right ways. And, if you love driving the car around the city, then there are plenty of options that you can go with to earn money. You can use it as your side gig and even as a full-time career. So, let us get started.
  • Work with a ridesharing company 

There are many ridership companies in the market, like Uber, Lyft, and many others that people often use to book cabs. So, you can use your car in either one or both of the companies if you feel like it. This way, you can earn the right amount of money, and even you can choose your working schedule when you want to use your car for this service. Now, this can be extremely useful when you are already working somewhere. But, in case if you have lost your job and unable to find a job, then this can be a good idea till you find a new job.
  • Online food delivery 

Today, the majority of people like to order their favorite dishes online rather than going to a restaurant. So, you can use it as a tremendous part-time source to earn good money as you will be easily driving the car and deliver food and other items while you listen to your favorite music. On average, most people working for this kind of service often make around £10-£20 per hour, and the working schedule is also flexible. Thus, you will have the leverage of choosing your working hours rather than being assigned by the manager.
  • Putting ads on your car

While traveling on the bus or the underground transit system, you must have seen ads placed on the exterior of the bus or train. So, advertisement is seen as a great way to make money. Now, similarly, you can use your car for advertisement and earn the right amount of money. The best thing about this idea is that you don’t have to make any extra efforts like additional work or shift to provide service. You can use your car in a normal way, and you will be making a considerable amount of money every month.
  • Rent your car 

The situation when your car becomes a liability is when it is just sitting there inside your garage, and you are using it occasionally for sometimes. Now, to make the most of your car, you should either drive it regularly, and if not, then you can give your car on rent. Just like Airbnb helps you find affordable renting options of home to stay on your vacation trips, you can rent your car with apps like Turo, getaround, and other similar applications. Also, you don’t have to drive your vehicle all by yourself. You can use apps like Hyrecar to rent your car to ridership companies like Uber or Lyft.
  • Moving service 

Many people often have to move from one city to another for job purposes or education. Now, when moving, all your households can be hectic and tiring. Thus, you can help these people to move to drop them to a new city to their new destination. You can make up to £20 to £50 per hour, depending on the city where you are planning to offer this service. There are various apps that you can help you connect you with people who want to move their stuff.

Airport cab service 

If you live nearby the airport and need an urgent source of income, then you can start an airport cab service to help people to and from the airport. Make sure that you have enough space for the passengers to fit in and their luggage. Also, the better the condition of your car will be, the more will be the number of customers that you will make. If there are certain problems in your car that you want to get repaired but don’t have enough funds, then you can apply for guaranteed loans for unemployed. Such funds can be taken from a direct lender in the market who specializes in such urgent loan products. So, these were the different options that you can use to earn money from your car. You can go with any of the given options that you are suitable with.

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