How To Pack For A 7 Day Beach Vacation

Winter is about to end and if you’re planning for a beach trip, now is the time. Spring is hanging around and cold weather isn’t so cold anymore. It’s time to start planning for your week-long beach vacation that you’ve been dreaming about. You need a complete packing list whether you are going to the nearest beach or to wish to see the Caribbean.

And don’t forget to book your flight tickets in advance. You can contact the nearest travel agencies in UK. But in case you don’t know what you should bring for your beach vacation, you got us. We can help you with the packing list for your 7 days beach vacation.

Essential for Your Beach Vacation

Here are different essentials that you may need to enjoy a perfect full week vacation.


You may want to wear a skimpy dress while on the beach but consider one thing. Never skimp the number of dresses you are bringing with you. That’s because you may want to change the dress after getting too sweaty.

A.Beach Clothes

Packing light outfits for each day is obvious. Most people pack dresses keeping in mind the number of days. For beach clothes, you should consider lightweight sundresses. You must select a skirt or shorts, T-shirts or Tank tops for your wardrobe.

B. Warm Dresses

In most coastal areas, the temperature starts to decrease after sundown. So make sure that you are bringing strolls and warm clothes for the evening. A cozy sweater or sweatshirt, khakis or two jeans are enough. These can protect you from ocean winds and low temperatures.


Everybody knows what he/she will need for a week-long vacation.  But we advise you to pack undergarments that are 9 to 10 days’ worth. This way you can be on the safe side and change your garments if you aren’t feeling comfortable.

Personal Items

You probably already know what to bring with you, right? Unless you plan to stay in a luxury hotel, bring all your toiletries with you. But don’t pack travel-sized items because these might end within days. If you do plan to bring, pack two instead of one.

A. Necessities

A moisturizer and face cleanse must be part of your luggage. And don’t forget to pack a razor and shaving cream, you might need that. In case you are planning to bring perfume, don’t bring a heavy one. Light, fruity smell is more suitable, you dot want to appear overwhelming.

B.For Women

Women who love to do makeup should keep a simple routine. That’s because you would be contending with saltwater, sweat, and frizz. A hairband and frizz-fighting serum can be very helpful. You can also apply a lip gloss, waterproof mascara, and light face powder.


Everybody who wants to visit a beach wishes to bring seashells, not sunburns. The only way to handle this issue is by bringing a water-resistant sunscreen. In fact, you should bring it as a necessary item.

Takeaway Words

Your packing list heavily depends on your accommodation. You may need fewer items if you are staying in a hotel. But if you are going to stay in an apartment or rental house, ask them for the provided items. You might have to bring your own items such as towels and bedsheets. Also, bring some gadgets or games and a few books as well to enjoy your vacation.


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