How to Make Your Home Secure for Your Kids?

Home is the first place where every child feels safe and secured. Nurturing with the love of parents and a sense of freedom and security makes home heaven. But this very heaven can pose numerous dangers to the child’s safety. Every year, a large number of incidents occur within homes that result in serious injuries and even death of children. For this purpose, the parents must make a few changes at home so that accident causing events can be prevented.

Here are some ways to add extra security at home that will allow safety, satisfaction, and fortification

Security monitoring system:

The foremost need is to arrange for the security of the whole house. A good security monitoring system can help monitor all areas within and around the house. CCTV cameras installed with the security system keep a watch 24 hours and can be connected to a cellphone or TV. Parents can keep an eye on their children even if they are not with them at home or maybe not being in the same room.

Domestic fire alarm system:

Domestic fire alarm systems to deal with accidental fire emission, a fire safety system must be installed and checked periodically. This comes with a smoke detector that bursts a loud alarm in case of smoke in its surroundings. Fire alarm systems now also have carbon mono oxide detectors that can sense this poisonous gas.

Door & window sensors:

The doors and windows of the house must also be protected. There is a chance of someone breaking into the house or the children getting out without any notice. Door and window sensors notify immediately depending on how the installer has set them up.

Pool alarms:

Pool alarms produce a signal if a child accidentally falls into the pool or enters the prohibited area around it. 

Childproofing all rooms:

Childproofing includes hiding and securing all spots at home that can be a source of harm and pose a threat to the safety of children. Few tips for childproofing include:

All electrical outlets must be covered

Safety gates must be put in front of the stairs.

All cabinets with alcohol, medications, and chemicals must have child protection locks.

A safety fence must be placed in front of the fireplace and other sources of heat.

Sharp objects must be stored properly and kept out of reach of children.

Secure TV and furniture with safety straps to avoid them from tipping over.

Teach children self-safety:

Following all basic steps for the security and safety of children at home,  parents have done things well at their end. But, it is also equally important to teach children self-safety. Parents can include daily basis activities, provide related reading material, and show informative videos so that children can learn how to keep themselves safe. It should be started as early as possible. Not only it will make children safer but also teach them to be responsible.

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