How do you get rid of Black ant infestation in the house?

In almost every yard and most houses in the Gold Coast, you will find black ants. These insects are normally harmless and during the cooler months are less active. When it starts to warm up they move around a lot more and when rain is expected they start to look for somewhere dry to live. One of the best places, if you invite them in by making it easy for them, is your home.

So how do professionals deal with Black Ants, we comer some of the things they do here:

Find out exactly which species they are

Ants are not all the same and to find the best pest control method, it’s important to know which species need to be targeted. Most Black ants are very territorial and will not allow other ants in their area, so become aggressive towards them. This can work in your favour as generally, you will only have to deal with one type of ant, the Argentine ant being the most common.

Evaluate the Type of Infestation

Everyone’s situation is different and so the pest control specialist will take careful note of your particular problem and find a suitable solution. Usually, black ants have their main colony outside in the ground and once the type of infestation is identified and the extent of the problem recognised, a plan of attack can be formed and the best type of treatment for your specific situation can begin.


The type of building, for example, a concrete building with a polished concrete floor would be subject to a different type of Black Ant infestation than an old Queenslander with wooden walls and floors. This is because there are many more easy hiding places in an older wooden building.


Whether you have children is another important consideration as some of the chemical treatments that may be used for pest control may not be suitable for young children or those with certain medical conditions.


Having pets is also another consideration that needs to be addressed, dogs, cats and other pets are usually sniffing and digging around and so chemicals need to be used with caution.

Your Outside or Yard

Your outside area also plays an important role. Having garden’s and fences right up against a house creates an ideal place for ant colonies and a pathway for ants to gain entry to your home.

Long grass weeds and piles of leaves are a great habitat for ants and when they are close to your home it makes an invasion more likely and pest control more difficult.

Administering the Appropriate Type of Treatment

Your professional pest control specialist is well trained and experienced in dealing with Black Ant infestations and will always use the most non-evasive and the safest treatment possible. There are a number of alternative options and natural methods available, but the important thing is to use an eradication process that actually works, one that is truly effective.

In some infestations, there may only be one large colony that houses the Queen and all the worker ants. Dealing with this it will provide immediate relief and ant eradication. In other situations, there could be hundreds of smaller colonies and this will require a different strategy.

In all cases, it is vital that the Queen is killed and this is usually done by introducing a compound that will be picked up by the worker ants and taken back to the colony to be fed to the queen causing her death.

A professional pest control specialist will first identify the type of Black Ant they are dealing with. Then they will look at the whole area to develop a strategy to effectively eradicate the ants. To do this they will take into account the physical nature of the building, any children or pets living there. They will then proceed on their pest control operation and ensure their total removal.

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