Glam up your luxury apartment with a vintage makeover

Vintage decors at home can never go out of style. Those who love the subtle charm of the bygone era, often want to give their homes a touch of the glamour and tradition that will nostalgically reminisce the sweeter times that’s left behind. Vintage decor design definitely does not mean a home that’s cluttered by antique furniture and heavy curtains like a period film set. The beauty of this style is, it can easily be incorporated with the trends of past eras and blended with the modern piece of furniture and styles.

Primarily, the vintage home decor includes vibrant colours, luscious fabrics and an original blend of elements. Here are few tips to glam up your luxury home with vintage style. Well known Real Estate Developers in Kolkata aims to develop quality infrastructure in their upcoming residential projects in Kolkata so that you get enough scope to decorate your home in your own quirky way.

Here are the tips to bring back the nostalgia through vintage home decor:

  1. Place statement furniture:

Go for a statement piece of furniture that can be complemented with the colour scheme of the room and stand out from the rest of the furniture and decorations. Choose vintage furniture that can be tweaked and updated without losing its fascinating charm. The key is to bring the charm without going overboard. If you have a Chesterfield sofa, consider accessorizing it with gorgeous, layered, jewel-coloured upholster to add the wow factor. A statement lamp or stunning mirror or a vintage coffee table can transform a dull place into an alluring one.

  1. Bring in elegance:

Vintage interior design involves the use of old or artificially aged furniture and decor. The style is all about soft, flowing lines, elegant colours and furniture that is carrying the legacy of old time. Simple monochrome with beautiful intricate details or white walls and black floors are a great choice for the perfect contrast that complements the style. Earth tones and gold-painted vintage decor elements breathe an elegant and classy vibe. Also, prefer to place minimal furniture to make the room look spacious enough. Two vintage armchairs complementing the golden colour scheme will look better than a massive sofa in the room.

  1. Personalize retroelements:

Do not follow the trend blindly. Instead, apply your own personal taste to jazz up your space. Choosing the right elements for the vintage look can be overwhelming, so prefer to buy only those you are instinctively drawn into. Paintings are a great way to denote certain emotions and feelings. Unique frames can be used to make them the focal point. If you love to collect masks, you can also group them together in a cluster that perfectly highlights a wall. Antique candlestick holders, patterned fabrics, vintage lamps can also up the style quotient of your home gracefully and your personal touch and thought to decorate your home will be appreciated.

  1. Customize special nooks:

Overdoing the style can seem too much! Spread the vintage charm in different corners of your room. A little gossip bench with colourful cushions with an antique telephone beside or a nice gramophone on an elegant book desk can create the magic instantly. For the entryway, think about reusing an old bench after painting it in vibrant colours and placing an analogue clock on the wall to add the grandeur.

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