From Bland To Bright: Exclusive Makeover of your Interiors With LED Lights

A proper lighting sets the correct tone and atmosphere in a room. But, the key is to understand the appropriate use of a particular room and further apply the relevant lighting to ensure its functions perfectly. For example a laundry or utility room will always require a glare free lighting, whereas in the study room there should be a particular focus on task lighting. On the other hand, an open plan living, dining and kitchen should have several different circuits of lighting. You can better go for a mix of LED spotlights and downlights. The idea is to create a characteristics depth and texture in the space. Let’s findout what Tanupriya, an interior designer did in her 3 BHK apartment in Madhyamgram.

The appropriate positioning

To bring out the best, it’s important to use the right type of light fitting in the right position. Look at the functional as well as the aesthetic aspects carefully, when it comes to the appropriate positioning of the light. Do not use any light that does not have any practical purpose to serve in your interiors. Also, stay away from of scattered fittings if it does not suit the designing purpose.

So, basically, it’s important to take into note of every minute element of your interiors before you start designing your space with LED lights.

With the significant advancement of LED Technologies in India, nowadays LED lights are extensively used as a decorative item. However, it’s always important to find a LED lighting solution that effectively fits with the space and purpose.

The Versatility of Colors

LED lighting options have now arrived with colour changing capabilities. Quite obviously, they serve as a wonderful decor item for your interiors. Nowadays, when people are mostly looking to create a dramatic appeal in the interiors, a colour changing LED bulb is certainly a great alternative. By creating a soothing ambiance in your home, a modern LED bulb can serve the purpose of perfect mood lighting in your living space. In fact, if you are thinking of a lighting makeover, there’s no better option than the colour changing LEDs.

Flexible Lighting Options

Unlike traditional lighting, the modern LEDs are flexible enough to create wonders. You can create flexible lighting set up with these. The LEDs come with a huge variety of settings that allow you to adjust each of the lighting options, such as brightness, colours and lighting transitions.. You can change to a custom scheme and return to that scheme whenever you want. For example, if you want to have a romantic evening spent with your partner or to adorn your home for a friend’s gathering, you can set the lighting of your room accordingly. Opt for dimmable LED bulb for romantic setting. For creating a party mood, you can however, choose bright LED lamps and spotlights.

Accessibility of the LEDs

Modern LED bulbs come with a variety of controlling options through various connected device. There’s no more light switches and quite obviously, you do not need to worry about switching off your lights. With such control features, you can certainly experience a wonderful lighting experience in your living space.

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