Enigmatic Attractions of Golden Triangle with Amazing Cities of India

golden triangle india tour package

The golden triangle is a tour through three of the most beautiful cities of northern India, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. This tour takes you through a blend of ancient and modern in the capital city of New Delhi, the world’s most famous marvel in Agra or the cultural heritage of the pink city of Jaipur. Golden triangle tour packages starts from Delhi and proceeds to the other two cities. However, this is only the taste of what India’s rich culture and heritage revolves around. It leaves you wanting more. So there are many additional packages that can allow you to see more of this beautiful country.


What enhanced the way to end a holiday than experience the party destination in the country? After sightseeing in North Indian cities, a tour of golden triangle tour with goa can allow you to sit back and relax on the beaches of Goa. You can also enjoy adventure sports, architecture, flora and fauna, in the Western Ghats region if you prefer outdoor sports.


The golden triangle tour with ranthambore makes perfect sense because ranthambore is only a few hour drives from 2nd most amazing destination of golden triangle. Ranthambore is a national park home to the splendid Indian tiger. Safaris across the wildlife reserve are the best way to see the abundant and thriving wildlife. You can also explore ranthambore fort, where the ancient Maharaja hunted.


Coming to India and going without seeing the temple city would be a sacrilege. The golden triangle tour with varanasi and khajuraho will take you to what may be one of the oldest cities in the world. A city of great historic and religious significance it is known by many names such as the city of lights, the holy city, etc.


Jodhpur is only a little way from Jaipur. The golden triangle tour with Jodhpur will show you the delights of this heritage rich blue city like any of the previous cities. The blue city is known for the color of the Mehrangarh fortress there, a beautiful city on the border of the Thar Desert.


The golden triangle tour with ajmer and pushkar will take you to a city still immersed in its ancient culture. Experience the annual beauty fair or go on a camel safari across the Thar Desert. You can also experience the beauty of Lake Pushkar of great religious significance.

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