Effect Of Red Moonga On Different Horoscope and also Identify Real Coral

Effect Of Red Moonga On Different Horoscope and also Identify Real Coral

Astrological Analysis of Moonga

Red Moonga is very helpful to get rid of Mangal Dosha. Mars or Mangal is known as the planet of deed. It also has some unhelpful effects and to oppose the same Red Coral is put on. The helpful results of wearing Red coral are that it relieve the process of Marriage and removes disharmony in wedded life. The wearer of Red Coral edge with confidence. Sometime you will recommend by any astrologer to wear red mange in your tarot card consultancy also. As a tarot card reader suggests these easy astrological remedies to those who have busy life for example celebrities. You can also consult our celebrity tarot card reader in Mumbai and ask her about your gemstone and life theory. You can also consult her via WhatsApp and phone call. Lets know about effect of Red Moonga on different horoscope and also identify real coral.

Red Coral is worn by individuals who have Mars in unfavorable houses in the individual birth chart. Aries and Scorpios can put on this gemstone in the ring finger of their right hand. The planet Mars is not simply controlled with these 2 zodiac signs. People under further zodiac signs can also wear it as per astrologer suggestion.

This gemstone can be worn by individuals who are facing suffering in their life. But be careful while wearing this stone, as it can have an unfavorable impact on your life. So, first consult an astrologer and then think about wearing the red Moonga. Because, if Mars is located in an unfavorable house, then it will cruelly affect your life. Individuals belonging to Pisces, Cancer and Aries zodiacs can wear this gem as planet Mars is in your favorable house.

Aquarians and Scorpions can also wear this, but only under precise circumstances. People under Virgo, Libra, Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn and Taurus are strongly suggested to avoid this gemstone. A people belonging to Sagittarius horoscope sign can also wear this, but if an individual is suffering from high blood pressure issues, then it’s advised that they stay far from red coral. If You have marriage related issues and Mangal Dosha then consult Our best astrologer in  mumbai.

Scientific Formation Of Red Coral

The creation piece of coral is CaCo3 i.e., calcium carbonate, which is a softens stone. This is an ordinary gemstone is made of living ocean coral. Precious coral has a qualified thickness of 3.86 and hardness 3.5 on the Mohs measuring scale. Because of its haziness and non-abrasiveness, coral is usually used to make beads.

Not at all like other games which are of the stone source, Coral is organic, framed by living life forms. It shapes from fanning, tusk-like structures made from coral polyp in subtropical and tropical undersea waters. At the point when the coral polyps bite into the dust, the harden skeleton remains, and this material is what is used as a gemstone. Most coral is pure white; conversely, nature can make coral in a few different approaches, including the common orange to red structures. This Red Coral, or costly Coral as it is regularly known by, is the most used gemstone types of Coral. The fact is that the shade known as coral is obtained from the run of the mill rosy-orange shade of a variety of red Coral gemstones.

How to wear a Red Coral?

The red coral should be implanted in a ring made of Gold, silver or Copper for best effect. The ring should weigh at slightest 5 to 6 carats. The order in which the ring supposed be worn is given below:

  • Bathe the ring in a bowl of cow’s milk or sacred water or Ganga jal all night. With this procedure, the impurity will be removed.
  • On Tuesday wear the ring in a good muhurat given by your astrologer.
  • Before, wearing the ring, face in the direction of the east place the ring on a red cloth, offer some flowers and light an fragrance incense stick.
  • Thereafter, Chant “Om Sri Saravanabhavaya Namah” or “Aum Bhaum Bhaumaya Namah Aum” mantra 108 times and wear the stone on the ring finger of right hand.

How to identify real Red Coral?

Red Coral Stones are formed in the seas and oceans. They are the product of living beings living under the sea. Because of their inimitable properties, now and again fake stones are likewise sold in the market. We have to know about fake corals while picking. Below Given, tests necessary to know the authenticity of the coral:

Milk Test:

Dip the coral in a bowl of milk. The red shade of coral when radiated shall be absorbed by the milk. The change in color of the milk point out that the Red Coral is genuine.

Magnification Test:

Upon, placing the Red Coral on a light colored cloth in essential lighting situation, use a magnify glass to examine. If there are crumbs on the surface of the Coral stone, then it is false as the surface of genuine Red Coral will be smooth and even.

Rubbing Test:

Check up on the echo Red Coral produced by rubbing or beating with a fingernail. If a glass friction sound emerges, then the Red Coral is false as the false ones are made of glass only.

Turmeric Test:

Rub rare Turmeric on the Red Coral. If there are red color on Turmeric or the color changes, then the Coral is false. The color of Turmeric won’t vary if the Coral is authentic.

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