Distinguishing Between A Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Service

When it comes to cleaning, the task might seem like an easy job to do but is not actually. A lot of effort is put into it to get clean and dirt-free premises. Especially for commercial settings where the space is huge and several people visit everyday.

Now, there are two options that pop up in our head when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in office, school or other commercial premises. Either you can hire a janitorial service or a commercial cleaning service. You get expert Melbourne office cleaners or other location based cleaners in both the scenarios.

However, there are tons of different attributes in both the service providers. Read more to learn all the essential differences about a janitorial and a commercial cleaning service.

1. Cleaning Tenure

Well, in case of janitorial service, the cleaning tenure is on a day to day basis. Once you hire the janitorial services, the janitor will be there at the premise on a regular basis.

He will handle the everyday cleaning duties and keep the workspace tidy and clean. However, it is you who has to decide the cleaning areas and tasks assigned to him or her in your office.

While on the other hand, commercial cleaners do not tend to clean on a regular basis. It is more of a one time job rather than a day to day task like janitorial service.

2. Level of Cleaning

With janitorial service you may get your cleaning desks cleaning everyday. Or get the floors dusted and mopped everyday. However, they aren’t apt for heavy duty cleaning tasks.

But by hiring commercial cleaners you’ll be able to address the larger cleaning requirements. For instance, floor polishing, window cleaning, tiles and other surface cleaning.

Not that they don’t tend to everyday cleaning tasks.

3. Cleaning Staff

Typically, in a janitorial service, the number of staff provided to you may be less. Also, they may don’t have professional training related to cleaning and handling the job.

But most commercial cleaning services provide training to their staff so that they can deliver expert cleaning service. Also, the number of staff are ample enough to perform heavy duty cleaning at the premises.

4. Cleaning Supplies

If you opt to hire janitorial service then you may want to enquire them about the cleaning supplies. As it is found that many janitorial services do not have their own cleaning supplies even if they do they aren’t sufficient enough.

You may have to provide them with suitable cleaning supplies. But that’s not what you get out of a commercial cleaning service. The commercial cleaners are well equipped with all essential cleaning supplies.

In fact, they have advanced cleaning tools and products to get the job of heavy duty cleaning done.


So if you are still in confusion whether you must hire a janitorial or commercial cleaning service then we hope the above distinguishments will help you make the decision.

Make your choice wisely before hiring the type of Melbourne office cleaners or for any other locations.

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