Death Claim Settlement: How to Approach Your Life Insurer?

Life insurance policies are designed to protect your family financially in your absence. However, families often find it difficult to file claims as they are already dealing with the demise of a loved one. To ease this problem, insurers today make sure that they have a customer-centrist approach and offer end-to end solutions even if the insurance agent is not available. 

Death claim settlement 

A conventional process of filing a death claim in the presence of an life insurance agent goes as follows: 

Contact agent:

The first step is to inform the insurance agents. Insurance agents are obligated to provide support to the policyholder’s family after his/her demise by helping them with the claim-filing procedure and providing the policy details.  

Inform insurer:

life insurance

With the help of an insurance agent, the bereaved family can contact the insurance provider and notify them about the policyholder’s death. The insurers should be notified as soon as possible. Details like cause of death and the date and place of the policyholder’s demise must be provided when notifying the insurer.   

File claim: 

Once the insurers have been notified, the nominee or any family member of the policyholder must file a claim by filling the claim form provided by the insurer. The filled form must be submitted with a specific list of documents which will be used to determine the authenticity of the claim.  


The following documents must be provided when filing a claim:  

  • Original policy document 
  • Death certificate 
  • Discharge form 
  • Deed of assignment 

Direct claim with Life insurer 

Insurance agents are usually the first point of contact with the insurance companies. Agents are responsible for supporting the bereaved family by providing details about the insurance policies and how they can make the claim.  

However, there may be times when the insurance agent is out of reach. In most cases, the policyholder’s family might find out that the insurance agent might not be associated with the same insurer anymore. Such scenarios can add further problems for the family which is already dealing with the loss of a loved one.  

Though the claim-filing process begins with contacting the insurance agent, it doesn’t always have to be that way. Many claimants are unaware of the fact that they can approach the insurer directly in the absence of an insurance agent.  

It is the insurance company’s responsibility to provide service to its clients irrespective of whether an agent is present or not. The claim intimation must be made as soon as possible. To notify the insurer, you can call on their customer care number or visit their office personally.  

When visiting the insurer’s office, it is important to make sure that you are carrying all necessary documents pertaining to the place, date, and location of the death. Carrying all the required documents will shorten the process.  

Points to remember 

A life insurance cover is meant to aide your loved ones after your demise. It acts as a substitute to your income and financially supports your family in your absence. Therefore, it is important to include your family in the decision-making process.  

Keep the following points in mind if you own a life insurance policy: 

  • Discussing financial needs:

In most families, the responsibility of taking all the financial decisions falls on the breadwinner. Financial matters can be sensitive, and that same factor makes it even more important for you to discuss it with your loved ones. Understanding their needs will help you determine an adequate coverage amount.  

  • Sharing policy details:

 It is extremely important to share your policy details with your spouse or nominee as they are the ones who will have to go through the process of claim filing. In many cases, the family isn’t even aware that the deceased held a life insurance policy. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that you disclose information pertaining to the policy to your family.  

If the situation of filing a claim arises, the most important factor is time. Notifying the insurer as soon as possible can help in making the settlement process much faster. Another important aspect of the claim process is documentation. Carrying all the necessary documents will help the insurer verify the claim in a much shorter span of time.  

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