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The Spanish startup also has a Visa card that facilitates payment with cryptocurrencies in any store, from clothing stores, hairdressers, supermarkets, and more.
The Spanish Eurocoinpay platform, for payments and collections with cryptocurrencies, now has a mobile app that allows fast shopping in various stores.
Available for iOS and Android, the application makes it easy for users to pay with the cryptocurrency of their choice in a variety of establishments, including Zara, Carrefour, Repsol and El Corte Inglés. In addition, it facilitates the shipment and receipt of micropayments in real time and with the cryptocurrency of preference to any part of the world.
The app has a search and location system for shops where they accept Eurocoinpay. In addition, it allows to exchange cryptocurrencies or fiat for the native token, EurocoinToken, to make purchases in shops and stores that also use the platform. Payment through the app is done quickly and without commission costs.
Meanwhile, users can trade the Eurocoin token off the platform, in exchanges such as Latoken, Bitker, Exrates and P2PB2B.
Native token, Visa, giftcards and more.
The Spanish startup Eurocoinpay was born last year and claims to be the first company in the Spanish market that allows paying with any cryptocurrency in regular establishments. It has different services in addition to the mobile platform: a What is an Exchange?
Types of exchange systems:
Among its services, Eurocoinpay also enables the exchange of cryptocurrencies for gifcards, or gift cards, from different Spanish businesses. For its part, the Eurocoin Visa allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies on their card and, at the time of payment in any trade, the platform makes the change to fiat money.
In a recent interview with El Economista, Herminio Fernández, CEO and founder of Eurocoinpay, he highlighted the three main benefits that the platform has in his opinion: speed, economy and security.
Fast since a payment with cryptocurrencies does not require more than 6/8 seconds through EurocoinPay. Economy, because for online businesses that work with products and sales services with very low commissions, charging with cryptocurrencies means doubling their benefits. This since its commissions in some cases are of euro cents. For physical merchants the commissions of the payment terminals are very small.
And third, security: in most places on the planet, two thirds of the payments are made with credit cards. This technology is over 60 years old and was never designed for the Internet, each transaction requires personal data, such as name and address. The card databases are hacked regularly, allowing fraudulent purchases to be loaded into our accounts. With our platform that cannot happen.
Currently, the team is developing the EurocoinCash token, with exact parity to the euro, which will come out sometime this year. The cryptocurrency will aim to support investors and traders as a refuge currency in the face of market volatility.
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