Bring in positivity to your home incorporating Feng ShuiEarth Element

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that consists of five guiding elements – water, earth, fire, metal, and wood. Each of these elements holds special significance to ensure our wellbeing. Incorporating these elements in our home assert a sense of control and composure. Earth is one of the elements that is associated with stability and security in both relationships and business. Numerous earthy elements at home can make your space look more aesthetic and pleasing along with an artistic approach.

Our client Dibya Chowdhury recently bought a 3BHK apartment near Belghoria Kolkata within a residential complex where he wanted to incorporate fengshui elements subtly with visually pleasing and aesthetically appropriate items. He always had an innate attachment towards the natural and organic appeal of elements. He asked for our suggestion about how he can make the space look more aesthetic and pleasing along with an artistic approach by adding simple earth elements.

Here are our suggestions and tips for those who want to decorate their home adding some earth element of fengshui as it can make the residents feel calm, at peace, grounded and safe.

  1. According to fengshui, earth element stands for a caring, strong and motherly element. If you feel your energy is scattered and you lack a sense of stability or inner power, look for earth elements at home. While decorating with Earth element, choose decor expressions that come out spontaneously from you and your perception of beauty.
  2. Colour is very significant in fengshui for bringing the needed shift in the energy in your home. Feel free to paint your walls with soothing earthy colours like warm sandy hues or even terracotta shades. Crisp white is also a great choice for walls. If you have a photo of a beautiful landscape or your own art piece depicting nature, hang it on the wall.
  3. The idea is to bring nature home. The hints of nature must be reflected in all home décor elements used in organic modern design. Nature is finding its way more and more into the interiors. By bringing in more natural light into your room, keeping fresh flowers on the dining table or having potted plants such as succulents are easy ways to bring freshness and natural appeal into your interior.
  4. Use flat horizontal shapes as the earth is believed to be flat as per ancient beliefs. Objects like tables and low couches are believed to bring the goodness of earth element into your home.
  5. Fill a bowl with natural crystals and stones and keep it on your coffee table to invite healthy energy in the space. These earth cures will help your home become calmer, healthier, and happier.
  6. Lamps or candle holders made of Himalayan salt rock are natural air ionizer and have innumerable health benefits. They are considered to be a significant fengshui Earth element for welcoming positive vibe into the home.
  7. Beautiful clay figurines are not only a great way to add earthy vibe but also give a traditional, desi touch to your home décor. You can also use terracotta candle holders to make the environment romantic and soothing. Since fire is a nourishing element for the Earth, this is a great fengshui addition.

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