Bohemian Style Ideas for Your Living Room

Bohemian Style Ideas for Living Room

Interior home décor is an amalgamation of art and engineering – Do you believe this? Of course, you have no other option than sticking to this point. Right from incorporating essentials from nature and splashing deep colours to some amazing ways to use patterns and furniture involves both art and engineering. Today, when you are looking for different trends in the market, you will be simply spoilt by choices. Now, if your taste calls for an attractive option then boho chic or bohemian style would be the ideal pick.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who got in touch with us to know about bohemian home décor. She has an apartment in a residential complex in Jajpur Odisha where she wanted to implement a unique bohemian décor. The term bohemian is taken from ‘gypsy’-the French word which means unconventional. It is said that this style décor adds a perfect welcoming change to any house. In fact, it can brighten up the entire look and feel of the house. So, if you want to get an eclectic style for your living room then go for the boho-chic interior. The bohemian décor ideas come with unconventional displays, colourful collections and unique designs. Here are some of the interesting style ideas for you:

Play With Colours

It is said that in order to add a touch of sophistication and style to your living room a Bohemian decor is a MUST. As colours change the mood of a room, it is recommended to play with different colours. It has been observed that most people enjoy the concept of matching colours. For example, a person can match a pink mat with a pink couch or maybe he/she can look for different accessories to blend with a variety of colours. Now, this kind of experiment can add timeless beauty and depth to any living room.

Play With Lighting

When it is a boho decor, make sure the lighting in your room is eclectic and warm, thus, making the entire ambiance comfortable. Use chandeliers and antique lampshades in order to give your room a stylish vintage look. Pay attention to the lampshades you use. Pick up variant colors like red, blue, yellow and green to add to the beauty of the room. Needless to say, a sweet combo of retro and variant colors would be the best way to portray the bohemian look.

Use Unique Furniture

The furniture you choose should come in different shapes and make sure they are comfortable enough. Whatever furniture you choose should capture your visitors’ and guests’ attention. In fact, they should look out of the box and make the living room look amazingly beautiful and stunning.

Use Accessories and Artwork

Try and display beautiful work of art in your living room. You can certainly choose handcrafted accessories that are not just beautiful but unique at the same time. Put them in such places that would catch anyone’s attention. How about displaying old paintings on your walls? You may feel that old paintings might be a bad idea, but to be precise such things make a huge statement on the whole. Next time, when you travel, make sure to pick up an old-fashioned piece of art for your living room.

Hope you liked the above-mentioned ideas and we assume that you will implement the same as that friend of mine did for her apartment in Kalinganagar.

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