Blockchain Technology is making its Mark in 2019

The blockchain is emerging and shaping the industries as it offers secure and continuously updated record for verifying information. Almost every business now is paving way for the blockchain turning itself into a blockchain industry. This will lead us to the future of technology, contracts, and services, etc. Keep in mind that Blockchain technology still has to go a long way to be universally accepted. 

The blockchain is the ‘talk of the town’

By far every company is incorporating blockchain to start thinking creatively and expanding the businesses. Every company confronts trust issues and blockchain holds the power to build that trust. Almost every industry can apply this. From healthcare to entertainment, blockchain has to offer a lot in every sector. In the past, companies used traditional ways to secure their data and assets. Today, the blockchain security has changed the whole scenario. Blockchain helps digital assets to be tracked and more protected. It can change the way how companies protect their data. With its decentralized nature, it can protect the data with the use of a private key. Blockchain uses distributed structure and offers a degree of security. It distributes and replicates the information across the unlimited number of physical servers and eliminates the possibilities of hacking.

Benefits of Blockchain

Revamped Operations

Blockchain has transformed the way operations are carried out. The decentralized nature has cut the need for middlemen and charges. Moreover, the administrative efforts have been reduced and the smart contracts are used to execute payment. The assets can be tracked to reduce the cost of maintaining an audit. The exchange of data can take place without the additional cost for running a 3rd party maintaining current data.

Transformed Business

Blockchain also offers ways to innovate business models. It can engage users with the help of rewards, loyalty programs, and incentives. This is a powerful tool to engage customers. It helps in microtransactions. The token economy can make real-time consumption-based payment models feasible, where a customer only pays for what is actually consumed as compared to a flat fee or subscription model. This can be a way to monetize content, collect royalties, collect license fees, or charge for advertisement.

Since Blockchain is making its mark in 2019, it is creating a need for Blockchain professionals. As a result, the demand for certifications has increased.

Here is a list of top Business Blockchain Professional Certification and Courses you ought to have a look at-  

Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS)

Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists provides an advanced level training to the blockchain aspirants in order to transform them into blockchain professionals. The course will infuse the developers with the risk lessening skills by making them understand the blockchain technology, virtual currency, history of virtual currency from e-Gold to Bitcoin, and case studies. 

IBM DeveloperWorks

IBM offers courses that make you learn about the Blockchain Basics to make you deploy code effectively. Kickstart your career with the knowledge of IBM Blockchain Platform and embrace the blockchain revolution. You will be certified with an IBM Open Badge that can help you land your dream job after completion of the course.

Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA)

CBCA is the best to get Business Blockchain Professional Certification. Their certification includes Business Blockchain Professional, Certified Blockchain Engineer, and Global Blockchain Leader. The course boosts the developer’s ability to make decisions and takes their career to the next level. Get certified to gain respect and credibility with CBCA. 

transformation work

Grab the designation of certified of Blockchain Professional with TransformationWorx. The course includes Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Marketplace, Enterprise Blockchain Technologies, Emerging Blockchain Business Models, and Blockchain Transformation Strategy. After the completion of the course, your brain would feel stuffed with the Blockchain concepts, cryptocurrencies, rising trends, and case studies.

The blockchain is taking over the world like a storm and you definitely now know why!



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