Best 5 Features of a Drawer Mounted Ironing Board

drawer mounted ironing board

The trend of built-in ironing board is quite popular these days. As more and more people are inclined towards living in small space home, the usage of space-saving furniture items have become more demanding in the market.

Now consumers get to choose from several variety among these built-in ironing board such as cabinet style ironing board, drawer mounted ironing board, etc. If you have decided to purchase the latter one then let us tell you what features you can get out of it.

1.Designed to save space and provide convenience

Every built-in ironing board is designed to offer consumers that will help them use the item conveniently in a small area. Hence, the ironing board in a drawer has a design to suit those customers who are looking to save space but at the same time incorporate an iron board as well.

Since the board can be fitted in a drawer, you can install them in your closet or any of the countertops as well. The extendable mechanism of the ironing board makes them easy to be pulled out of the drawer when you want to use it.

2.Super easy installation

Now if you think that built-in ironing board have a complex procedure of installation then you are certainly wrong. Just a few fix up of screws and your ironing board drawer is installed in a jiffy.

The user manual that comes with the item will guide you through the procedure of installation. Some manufacturers even provide the service of free installation for such furniture item.

Even if you don’t get such service, you can install it on your own.

3.Quality material for stable built

One of the best features that you can get out of this product is that the manufacturers use high quality materials to give it a sturdy design and built. With the use of top-notch steel in its frame, the consumers are ensured to obtain a long-lasting and durable product.

In fact, the ironing board provides you a stable construct so that you can iron your clothes with absolute convenience.

4.Heat-Resist cotton cover for added protection

Apart from a robust built and adaptable design, the ironing board in drawer have features that offers an added layer of protection to the product. A cotton cover encases the entire board to add durability.

Plus, the cover used is heat-resistant therefore, there is no damage caused to the board or the cotton cover. This cotton cover layer even makes ironing more easily as your clothes won’t get crimped while pressing.

5.Used in multiple setting

Since the ironing board can be fitted in a drawer style, this drawer mounted ironing board can be used in several places. Whether it is in closets, walk-in wardrobe, utility rooms, and kitchens or anywhere else, the usage of this board is limitless.

Don’t hesitate for a second before making a purchasing decision for this awesome built-in ironing board. Just install it and enjoy convenient ironing in a limited space.

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