Awesome strip light DIY ideas to deck up your space

Home decor has a keen relationship with aesthetic light set up. While many of us want to stick to the basics of traditional home decor using simple lights in necessary places, going a little bit adventurous and experimenting with LED lights will not hurt. With the advancement of domestic LED Lighting in India, there are several options to glam up your home in a creative way.

The idea of integrating LED strip lights into your home decor is a good idea as they are thin and flexible and you can put them in places where traditional bulbs cannot go. There’s no match of strip lights in creating the perfect and comfortable space for you.

So, here’s your DIY guide to decorate your home with LED strip lights:

1. Highlight certain areas:
LEDs are not supposed to overwhelm a space with brightness. Attach LED strips under the wall-mounted cabinets and consoles to highlight the area in a cool and subtle way without being very bright. You can also use LED light strips is for highlighting a particular furniture piece or accessory to make it a focal point of the room.

2. Custom ambient lighting:
LEDs make great alternative lighting, and with a little effort, you can make your room look stylish with them. Open-riser stairs look especially cool with LED strip lights, and they’re also functional because those gaps can be especially treacherous at night. With motion sensor activation you can make the lights turn on automatically as you head down for a midnight snack.

3. Transform your workstation:
LED Lights are known to reduce the glares and shadows coming off of the screen. With some very well placed LED lights you can turn a boring area into a fun and attractive workspace. LED lighting adds depths to the desk and creates a pleasant atmosphere that might even make you want to work. Hide the lights behind the monitors and it will appear like floating monitors before a wall or place LED lights under the glass desk for an impressive makeover of your workstation.

4. Add ‘wow’ factor with Bottle lights:
Don’t throw the wine bottles after a lit party. Instead, start by cutting out the bottom of a few wine bottles, wire short web-connected LED light strips through them, spray the bottles with some glass-frosting spray to act as a diffuser, run some hanging wire through the bottles and hang them from your ceiling! It will instantly change the mood and thank us later for the jaw-dropping ambience that your room will breathe.

These are some DIY ideas to start with. You can always think of some more creative way to deck up your favorite spaces. You can buy LED strip lights online, here.

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