A Feast for art lovers at art exhibitions in Dubai.

Art lovers are always in pursuit of artworks which are inspirational and unique, to enhance the beauty of the walls of their home or office. They explore various art galleries, art shops, and exhibitions in search of the perfect piece of art. There are art galleries that showcase the great works of some of the contemporary artists. Some of these find their place in the collectors’ haven.

Art collectors of varied nature.

  • There are art collectors, each of whom has a different notion about art. They go to places similar to art exhibitions in Dubai to find a variety of splendid and mind-blowing pieces of art.
    Some of them connect with an art piece emotionally. Art is life for them and they appreciate it regularly and value the pieces they buy.
  • Then there are the ones who collect art for the sole purpose of social status. They are interested in art pieces which will have a story behind it which the person can brag about when showing off his collection.
  • Some are simply fond of the hustle bustle at the art events and are there to socialize and of course to pick up something pleasing to their mind and senses.
  • Artists can take advantage of the above tips when showcasing their art. Knowing what motivates a collector can always give the artist an edge when selling his art.

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Artists and his style of art.

It is at the discretion of the artist to decide what type of a painting he/she is going to put up unless the subject has already been specified. The artists’ representation of art has evolved over time. The two popular styles adopted by the artists are the Western and Eastern style of art.

Currently, more of the Western style of painting is seen in most of the art exhibitions. It consists of modernism, abstract painting, impressionism and some of the not so well known art forms such as surrealism and photorealism.

In the Eastern style of art forms, there are Chinese and Japanese styles of art. Chinese style of art is traditionally one of the oldest and uses calligraphy techniques in the paintings. They always use colored ink for painting on paper or silk and never use oil painting.

The Japanese style of art is inspired by the Chinese, Western and Eastern art forms. Their paintings are made using only black ink.
The Indian style of painting comprises of traditional art forms such as miniature paintings, Madhubani and Tanjore paintings to name a few of them. Most of them are painted using natural colors.

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Types of exhibition Art exhibitions in Dubai are of varied types.

  • They could be commercial or non-commercial exhibitions. In commercial exhibitions which display the artwork of various artists, the participants may have to pay a fee.
  • In temporary museum exhibitions, works of art from the museums’ own collection as well as that of other museums, if any, on a particular theme or topic, will be put up on display.
  • There are solo exhibitions showing the works of a single artist and group expositions which shows the works of a group of artists on a single topic or theme.
  • Then there are the Biennale exhibitions held every two years which are large international contemporary art exhibitions. These are normally intended to put up the best of international art.

Art exhibitions are like a fertile ground on which an artist can grow and reach new heights. It also opens up a sea of opportunity for the budding new artist which must not be overlooked.

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