5 Ways To Create A Relaxing Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep Tight

Did your regular sleep cycle get messed up during lockdown? Well, you are not alone. Our daily routine got disrupted during the prolonged confinement at home and the increased level of stress and anxiety about the situation led us to spend more sleepless nights. Sleep deprivation for a long time can take a toll on our health. Insomnia is very common in city dwellers which could be triggered by unhealthy lifestyle and certain food habits. It’s hard to concentrate on anything, focus on work gets affected and we may even lose appetite due to insomnia. Well, the troubles get increased in a flawed bedroom design.

Sunanda & Soumik Roy, a newly married couple moved to a 4 BHK flat in Tangra, Kolkata just before the lockdown. Sunanda being an IT professional and Soumik a script-writer – both of them are now working from home. The working hours are usually stretched for managing the household chores along with other responsibilities. The line between professional and personal life was getting blurred which led to added stress and sleep deprivation. When they tried to figure things out and take action, it was found that bedroom ambience and design has a lot to do with our sleep cycle.

Experts suggest that small changes in our bedroom décor and bed time habits can make a dramatic difference and it’s important to create a bedroom that’s perfectly optimised for a restful and refreshing 8 hours each night. Here are some tips:

  1. Make the perfect bed:

The most important thing in your bedroom is of course, the bed. Invest in good mattress and pillows that will suit your body weight and sleeping style. It should neither be too hard, nor too soft. Incorporate layers in bedding with sheets and blankets that will allow you to be able to get comfortable with any temperature. Size does matter when it comes to choosing the appropriate mattress that will comfortably fit your bed. Throw pillows and cotton bed sheets are all great textures to encourage sleep.

  1. Create the sleeping atmosphere:

Leave the weight of the world behind and create a Zen-like space in your bedroom for uninterrupted sleep. “First thing first”, the walls of your bedroom should be painted in soothing pastel shades like soft blue, cream and blush tones that leave a peaceful and calming effect and help you sleep better. The temperature of the room is also an important factor as you don’t want to wake up feeling too sweaty or shivery in the middle of the night. Residents of homes blessed with natural breeze tend to suffer less sleep deprivation. Bright lights can throw you off your sleep cycle and ruin the overall quality of your sleep. Turn off the lights and switch off your television, computer and smartphone before going to bed. Block the street lights with blackout curtains and keep a low wattage night light to fasten the sleep process. Hang wind chimes to create a calming sound because sound has the power to calm your senses and promote better sleep.

  1. Get rid of the clutter:

Clutter causes anxiety and stress which is the last thing you want in your bedroom. Keep your bedroom organized to avoid tripping over stuff when you get up in the middle of the night. Clutter has a very negative effect on our psyche and prevents free energy flowing throughout the room. Create storage space in your bedroom to tackle the stuff. Keep a small bedside table with drawers where you can keep only the things you need right before sleeping like – medicines, a glass of water or book.

  1. Adopt good bedtime habits:

First of all, allow yourself sometime to unwind before going to bed and keep your smartphones and other digital gadgets out of your bedroom. They produce higher concentration of blue light that disrupt our Melatonin production. Melatonin hormone is responsible for sleep and the lightfrom the gadgets delays Melatonin production and keeps you awake longer. Try meditating before going to bed or read a book which will make you feel relaxed.

  1. Usher in tranquillity:

Bring aromatic candles or oil diffuser in your bedroom which will soothe your mind and relax the nerves for better sleep. The scent of lavender can improve your mood and make you feel drowsy. Clean your bedroom regularly. Bringing some greens in your bedroom is a good idea as plants always boost our moods. Certain plants offer air-purifying qualities that may aid your slumber.

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