5 Tips to organize your home apartment in an effective way

Gone are the days when we used to live as a joint family in a big house with spacious rooms and tall ceilings. But now, most of us belong to nuclear families living in an apartment where space is limited. So, it is a challenging task to achieve that cleanliness appeal in your home in spite of your busy schedule. But no matter how aesthetically you decorate your home, a messy room is always a big turn off!

If you want to master at the art of keeping it tidy, you just need to think about getting organized. Even if you are owning a luxury apartment, like the newly developed Residential Apartments near Science City, without being organized you might just end up spending a few hours recognizing the mess you just cleaned up a day before. And that’s not at all desirable. Here are 5 tips for keeping your apartment eternally organized.

  1. Make good use of storage:

Most of the residential apartments have limited space for storage. If you have more stuff than the storage capacity of your apartment, there is a chance of overcrowding the available space which will end up looking messy. So, the mantra is to utilize the maximum hidden storage space. Modern developers understand that and that’s why 2 & 3 BHK Residential Apartments off EM Bypass are designed keeping in mind, the need of the residents. Utilize the space under your bed for storage; use dish and plate holders, hangers, door hooks that hold a lot of things occupying a little space and can be hidden behind the door or under the shelves effectively. If your apartment has tall ceilings, build shelves or bookcases that reach to the ceiling for maximum utilization and free up the floor space.

  1. Use a laundry hamper:

During the busy week, we hardly get any time to do our laundry. Dumping clothes on a chair or sofa and piling them up into a heap looks ugly and it’s a complete mess. Get a good laundry container with a lid that will store dirty clothes more than a week’s worth and the lid will allow them to stay covered until you have time to get to them.

  1. No excuse for avoiding chores:

Yes, it’s difficult to continue the daily chores as it can be extremely monotonous. But cleaning up the dishes after the meal or making up the bed right after waking up are good habits. If these habits are a part of your lifestyle, then you are an organized person. Who wants to wake up to the rotten smell of dirty dishes of the previous night or come home tired to see a messy bed. The clean dishes or tidy bed will keep your kitchen and bedroom look organized and also minimize the risk of spreading bacterial diseases.

  1. Manage the bathroom clutter:

Get innovative with hanging options for storing the necessities in your toilet. Hanging mesh storage pockets over the back of the bathroom door are perfect for storing toiletries. For storing towels and washcloths, you can use baskets and shelving above the toilet.

  1. Separate the important stuff:

Control the growing pile of daily newspapers. Opt out paper bills and go for online payment instead. Separate the important papers and documents in separate files and keep them in small filing cabinets. Go through the pile of paper weekly and throw away the papers that you don’t need. This will spare you from unnecessary clutter.

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