5 Smart & Hassle-free Decorative Ideas for Your Bathroom!

While buying a new home, we often keep a separate budget for interior decoration. We imagine where to place our favourite painting or the comfy couch we love. But do we ever think of decorating the most personal space of our homes? Probably not! The bathroom is where we start and finish our day. It is the place where we can disconnect ourselves from the world and enjoy some solitude while taking a long bath under the shower. It is the ultimate place for rejuvenation and the best part, nobody is judging us here!

But does that mean we can ignore the aesthetic aspects of the bathroom? It should be kept in mind that there might be no one to judge us in here but it is the ultimate judgement zone for outsiders who will visit our home and they will judge our personal taste and hygiene sense as soon as they will enter into the bathroom. Here, we have some simple yet brilliant ideas to help you with:

  1. Get creative with paint:

Well-thought colour schemes can make all the difference to your bathroom. Take advantage of the fact that lighter colour, especially white, make the room look bigger. If you have a liking for bright shades, go for a complementary combination to create a vibrant contrast. Bright fixtures, walls, cupboards, rugs can create a feeling of spaciousness. Deep-coloured tile floors can be paired with crisp white walls – this adds depth and lightness that enlarge a space. If you are about to buy 2 BHK Residential Flats near Budge Budge, the bathroom spaces will give you enough opportunity to get creative with different hues.

  1. Place large mirrors:

Mirrors create the illusion of depth. If you have small mirrors installed in the bathroom, replace them with larger ones where possible and position it well so that light can reflect directly off the mirror doubling its effectiveness of opening the room. You can also place mirrors opposite the sink mirror. This will give an ‘infinity mirror effect’ and also help you to see how you look from behind while trying a new dress or fix up your hairstyle. These tricks can make your bathroom look much larger than what it is.

  1. Give it a green touch:

Add some freshness to your modern bathroom. In some 2/3 BHK Apartments in Maheshtala, have enough space in the bathroom to place some plants and touch of green. Depending on the natural light and room temperature, few houseplants can be placed which will brighten the space with colour and texture. Head to your local garden centre and pick up some plants to deck up space.

  1. Fix the floors:

Ugly bathroom floors are a big turn off. Conceal the dull bathroom floor with water-resistant vinyl floor cloth and customize it by cutting it according to the shape and size of the floor. Using interlocking rubber floor tiles will also help. Ceramic bathroom floor tiles are available in endless sizes, shapes and colours to complement any scheme of your bathroom.

  1. Combine function and personality:

Move your towel racks from the wall next to the shower or bathtub to an underutilized space. Wall towel racks can be fitted to the back of the bathroom door. This can free more space while making good use of the space. Or, pick a wall you want to highlight and set it apart by hanging framed art or installing shelves. Quirky curtains or shelves can add a character to the otherwise dull space.

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