5 Skills Employers Look For While Hiring Management Graduates

Are you a fresh management graduate all set to land your first job out of college? You must be wondering how to impress the interviewer so that you can crack a decent job and start your career with a bang. Well, employers look for certain skillsets from the management graduates that mostly include technical expertise paired with interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to accomplish different tasks as well as managing and handling a team. In the current competitive world, your management skills must match your technical knowledge and that’s what you learn in various management colleges. Many aspiring management students queue up in front of top management colleges in West Bengal where they can fine-tune their skills that are not specific to a particular job or career path but are helpful and applicable across all employment sector.

There are some top colleges in Eastern India that are putting a lot of effort to hone a combination of technical, analytical and management skills to transform the students into blooming professionals that companies would want to hire, retain and promote. So, let’s see 5 most important skills that employers give the most value to:

1. Academic Achievements:
Though management study is not all about textbook knowledge but one should not underestimate the power of good grades. Good grade is of course an important indicator of your academic achievement which shows your commitment and determination towards your career. Consistent good grades show that you have invested time and effort to learn things which is, of course, a great plus point. However, a good grade may help you to get shortlisted but employers will look for other skills and your overall personality too while evaluating you.

2. Problem-solving skills:
Your ability to analyse a situation, processing all the available information and coming up with a feasible solution can take you to a long way. Running a business requires solving a series of problems on spot on a daily basis. Hiring managers often ask hypothetical questions to assess the behavioural pattern of a candidate to see if he/she has the problem-solving ability. You need to keep calm under extreme pressure and must have outstanding attention to detail to think on your feet when problems arise and come out with creative and innovative solutions.

3. Communication skills:
There is no alternative for excellent verbal and written communication skills in management. In fact, it is no longer considered as a skill but a very important job responsibility for management graduates to crack and sustain a well-paid job. From exchanging input and feedback between various departments to handling grievances, solving problems, managing employees, and carrying out other types of managerial tasks and overall, establishing a trusted relationship with clients as well as the team – communication skill is a crucial factor that employers look for.

4. Team management skills:
Conflict management and team management skills play a major role when it comes to recruitment. Conflicts can come from anywhere and a good professional should know how to deal with it without damaging the company’s operations or reputation. Recruiters give a lot of priority to qualities like – people skills, body language and emotional intelligence while hiring. Professionals in management jobs must be self-motivated team players for conducting work smoothly, playing a supportive role or mentoring other teammates. Being able to grow as a team is a quality that all employers want while hiring.

5. Awareness and adaptability skills:
Update and upgrade is the mantra to survive in all professions. An employee who is driven and always ready to take up new challenges or learn new things will be treasured. In management jobs too, one has to be very much aware of the new changes and marketing trends to survive. Being open to new ideas, opportunities and risks can give the employer a very strong reason to recruit someone. Change is inevitable and willingness to learn to improve your skillset and knowledge is something that will help you to stay ahead of others.

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