5 Questions to Ask When Renting a New Office Space

 Are you planning to switch the office space? If yes, here’re a few important questions you must ask;

Choosing an office can be daunting, especially if you consider it a decision that will affect many aspects of your company. For example, did you know that space where your employees carry out their activities directly influences their productivity? Similarly, a good location can be decisive when attracting clients & professionals. Besides, aspects related to finances have to be contemplated like the resources that will have to be invested and time that’ll involve adapting the place to your needs.

Inevitably, you need to consider many aspects when choosing the new office space for rent in Dubai. Therefore, we have come up with a few critical questions that must be formulated to make an accurate decision in the choice of the workspace. So let’s dive in;

How much space do I need?

Office space should be chosen with the layout of the different environments in mind. So make sure that the provision of furniture, equipment and personnel are considered. There may be modifications in the layout over time. When choosing office spaces, ensure that they have the necessary space so that all the elements & collaborators have a specific place.

Some Giants of the Interior Design industry advise that; to know if space is sufficient for your furniture, place sheets of newspapers on the floor that simulate the furniture. This way, you will know if the office in question is suitable to receive your company.

Will it have a positive impact on day-day work?

It’s imperative to have collaborative work as it increases productivity promotes integration and facilitates decision making. When considering office spaces, it is essential that space has adequate areas so that the teams can exchange ideas, as well as for rest & coexistence.

It is imperative to check the architectural design of the office complies with some aspects in the environment that favor the well-being of its employees like the fact of having abundant natural light, good acoustics and adequate temperature.

How long will the lease process take?

When looking for work environments, you need to consider the delivery time of the office. If it is new, you might even have to wait for it to be finished. On the flip side, be clear about the date when the current tenants will vacate the facilities and investigate exactly how long the contract signing process is going to take.

Whatever the case, analyze if it is worth the time it will take your company to install itself in the new offices or if it is better to look for another option with immediate delivery.

Is the location convenient?

Although technology allows interactions with customers & suppliers to be made through video conferencing or other means that facilitate remote communication, it is still necessary to hold face-to-face meetings while looking for the office for rent in sheikh Zayed road.

This way, it’ll be convenient to analyze if the space you want to rent is accessible to your customers and if there is good connectivity, with easy access roads and means of transportation near the office. It is also essential to consider the convenience of the location for your employees, who are the ones who should go every day. After all, a long journey can hurt your performance normal.

Ask yourself;

  • Are there places to take your customers to eat or drink?
  • Is the office closer to where you can buy basic office or cleaning supplies?
  • Are there pharmacies, banks and everything nearby that employees may need?
  • Does the office have space for staff to have lunch?
  • Are there cheap and varied restaurants nearby?

Have you considered all the expenses?

In addition to the obvious expenses, it is also crucial to analyze the space thoroughly and identify if it is necessary to make adaptations or extra expenses that have not been contemplated. For example; do you need to buy new furniture because the previous one is not suitable for space or modify electrical installations? This way, you can determine if it is advisable to make such expenses.

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