5 Major Features That Makes Seedbox A Great Media Streaming Platform


With each passing year, the market for media streaming platform has exploded. There are tons of names that has joined the list of Netflix. Some of the vital ones are Prime Videos, Hulu, Apple TV, etc.

But getting your media dose from all of the streaming services could be a tedious process. With so many accounts and subscription fees, it is pretty obvious to get exhausted.

So why not replace it with one single solution? Yes, now you can do just that by getting Plex. A seedbox that can stream media directly from the server itself. Without extending the words, let us look at its top 5 features that can easily substitute the media streaming platform.

1.      Multiple streaming options in one place

The list of media streaming providers is endless. Fro mega names such as Netflix, HBO Originals to the newbies like Disney+, Apple TV have vast range of content.

But getting your hands on every other streaming platform can be tiring. This is where your plex seedbox come s to the rescue. You can download every desirable media content from this server and stream it directly from it.

2.      Sharing streaming content with others

This is one thing that you cannot do on a regular streaming platform. But with plex seedbox you can even give access to your media content with other users.

The Plex library created by you can be accessed by other users as well provided the other individual is an active user of the same server. By just adding the members profile on the streaming server, you can share the content with others.

3.      Flexible streaming options

Just like your convenient Netflix, this super-server as well supports wide range of platforms. For instance, Plex is available for access on multiple grounds such as Chromecast, Linux, Android, etc.

However, some of the platforms may require you to choose one time payment option for the seamless access of streaming content.

4.      Stream audio and images as well

Netflix will not provide you such flexible streaming service. With this ultimate streaming server, you can stream more than just your regular videos.

Apart from streaming videos of multiple format such as 720p, HD, etc this server also offers you stream audio and image files.

5.      Adjustable video quality

Now, the reason why we are saying that it can replace the streaming platform is because of this server’s capability of offering options that are similar to Netflix, Prime Videos, etc.

Similar to Netflix, Plex enables you to adjust your video quality depending on your network connectivity. You can stream media no matter what’s the status of your network is at that very moment.

So are you still thinking of being stuck in the web of multiple streaming service providers? Just get hooked to this seedbox and you can bid goodbye to all the hassles of other media streaming platforms.

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