5 Flowering Houseplants That Bring Color to Your Home

Adding natural elements are quite in vogue nowadays as far as the interior decoration is concerned. But have you ever thought why indoor plants are so widely embraced everywhere when it comes to decoration? Well, blooming houseplants are the perfect antidote to an otherwise nondescript living space. They add colours and fill your home with a happy vibe, thus making the entire area appears fresh and lively. Here’s a look into five flowering houseplants that can instantly add a pop of colour to your living space.

  1. African Velvet: These are the easiest to grow as they need the least of effort and maintenance. Choose from hundreds of varieties to find the perfect one for your place. According to Mr. Chatterjee, an interior designer by profession and proud owner of a plush apartment in Bonhooghly, multicoloured foliage or white-edged blooms are the perfect addition for his home. African violet grows in warm conditions, and hence, they are ideal for the Indian climate. These plants need least of maintenance, but you must avoid getting water on the fuzzy leaves as it might cause unsightly brown spots to appear on the leaves. Place it near a wide-open window so that it can get optimum sunlight.
  2. Flowering Maple: These arecrepe-paper-like blooms in shades of red, pink, orange, and yellow dangling from the leaves. Resembling a festive lantern, flowering maple perk up the look and feel of your interiors almost instantly. Prune your flowering maple from time to time to make it look a bit shrubby. You can also grow it in a hanging basket.
  3. Peace Lily: It’s an easy care plant that also demands low light and low humidity. These small cute spoon-shaped white spathe and spike of creamy white flowers impart a versatile glow to your space. Lilies are mostly summer plants, but they are perennial. Hence, a lot of its varieties bloom throughout the year. The glossy leaves remain attractive even when the plant has no blooms.
  4. Anthurium: Fully bloomed Anthurium in the shades of pink, red, lavender, or white impart a festive vibe to your living space. These plants last for years if you can properly maintain them. They need a medium to bright light to bloom fully. In less light, they will grow as a foliage plant. Anthurium can be a great addition to the living space as well as balconies.
  5. Primrose: Primrose grows round the year, considering they are given the right conditions. A host of hybrid varieties are also available nowadays, but the most original ones come with the varieties of pink, purple, white, or red flowers.

This colourful foliage and blooming flowers, such flowers can revamp your interior most vibrantly. They thrive easily without much care, and hence, they make a widely preferred option as a home decor item.

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