3 Modern Interior Victorian Home Styles

Interior Victorian Home Styles

Owning a home style in historic designs sounds dreamy – isn’t it? As you move into such apartments, you start discovering the olden times which you have once read in your history books. Isn’t that an interesting way to draw your guests’ attention? So, are you thinking of something like this? If you are planning for something similar then concentrate mainly on roofing, windows and wiring positively. Needless to say, that, mixing the modern design with a touch of Victorian flair isn’t a tough work. Try it today to give your home a different look, just like, one of our readers did for his luxury residential project in Bhowanipore.

Now, let us introduce before you the innovative and creative ways to bring the nostalgic feel of the bygone Victorian days.

Mix Modern and Victorian Style Together

Just imagine a room in your home which would have an amazing mix of both old and new items. Of course, we assume that you would love to do something like this. Some call this style eclectic, but interior decorators call this mixture. It has been observed that homeowners who have a Victorian home mostly focus on modern design but in a limited amount.

Creating a contemporary Victorian interior is easy because you get the scope to mesh the two styles together. Do stress on this – “Do not want a cluttered blend”. Make sure, you stay alert while mixing the two flairs together because a messy mixture can spoil the entire look that you are looking forward. Always remember, that old store furniture finds and modern furniture when mixed together can never create the Victorian design. A design should be something that must always be well thought and never thrown together.

A few examples include pairing an antique wooden table with some ultra-modern chairs, old Victorian-style sofa paired with modern chevron fabric, remodelling of grandmother’s old dining table and so on.

Add Craftsman Character

History says that Victorians were always in love with some ornately carved wooden furnishings made of Oak, Walnut and Mahogany. In fact, everything was hand-carved and hand-crafted. At that point of time, nothing was cheap and homes were actually meant to boast wealth with high-quality belongings. Without any renovation, you can even add craftsman characters to your apartment.

All you need to do is add carved wooden pieces wherever possible – not only in furniture but in lamps, frames, mirror, picture frames and so on.

When you are introducing modern furniture and furnishings into your Victorian home, make sure you focus on the best quality materials. Do not go for low-priced factory-made furniture as they can ruin the aesthetic.

Choose salvage old architecture like old trims, doors and windows to add a Victorian vibe in your modern apartment.

Create Colour-Themed Apartment

People from the Victorian era were never worried about paint colours. In this period of opulence, there were no such white walls only rich hues of gold-brown, green, blue and red were quite popular. Actually, Victorian colours were dusty in nature in comparison to the bright modern colours. Bolder colours were also used which denoted rooms of high significance like the library or dining room or kitchen etc. Needless to say, that, colour schemes can easily pulls off the older Victorian style.

Hope, you liked the above-mentioned discussion and would definitely implement the same in your apartment. Let us know how you enjoyed it just like our reader did. Looking forward to your quick feedback!

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