3 Habits Every High Performer Should Have

If you are a business owner or an ambitious employee looking to improve your performance in the workplace, you’ll need specific habits in place to promote your productivity and efforts. Technical skills are important, but high performing individuals should also be armed with a routine that keeps them energetic and in great mental health for a demanding role. High-performance habits improve decision-making, help eliminate serious mental and physical health crises, and save energy along the way. Learn how to do the most in the least amount of time by building habits you can lean on at work and at home. Use the areas below to build the habits you need to perform well and keep a clear mind.

A Strong Wellness Routine

Developing a wellness routine you can keep up with requires creativity and patience. You may need to learn a few skills along the way such as cooking healthier meals or balancing a fitness routine with your work demands, but these skills will translate into a more energized and productive output at work. Eating whole foods and minimizing processed ingredients will help you avoid brain fog and other damaging experiences that disrupt your health and thinking. You can also rely on physical activity throughout the day to keep your brain activity high and promote more effective thinking and decision-making. Think about how your wellness impacts your performance, and work backwards to build the habits that support your success.


  • Cooking healthy foods and bringing homemade meals to work
  • Expanding your fitness routine or taking stretch breaks to keep your brain activity high
  • Prioritizing 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Avoiding excessive alcohol or other habits that impede your energy

Productivity & Organization

Keeping your productivity high requires a few strategic behaviors that can maximize your efforts throughout the day. Think about specific times each work day where you feel unmotivated or unclear, and brainstorm how to build your efficiency from there. You might need to implement strategic breaks in between periods of uninterrupted work. Perhaps you prioritize your tasks more efficiently to ensure your best results. Productivity simply means learning to spend less effort creating more change in your work or business. Learn to delegate and ask for help when you feel overwhelmed, so the work does not catch up to you. Building organization habits can help you maintain consistency in your work and perform the best you can.


  • Meditating before you begin a long work day to improve your brain activity
  • Batching your time to complete uninterrupted tasks
  • Prioritizing your top 3 tasks before 9 a.m.
  • Delegating an hour each day for emails and correspondence

Clear Communication

The last effective habit every high performer needs to master is clear communication. Think about the massive amounts of change you can create simply by learning to be more direct and asking for the help you need. Communication will allow you to eliminate problems before they happen both in work and your personal life. On a serious note, consider improving your communication regarding more serious issues as well. Asking for mental or physical assistance when you need it or learning the warning signs for serious mental health issues, such as the signs of alcoholism, can save you time, energy, and your health in the long term. Build the habit of clear communication to improve your effectiveness and happiness in both work and life.


  • Delegating work tasks to improve your workload
  • Asking your superiors for support before you feel overwhelmed
  • Seeing a psychologist or your primary doctor proactively
  • Asking family and friends for emotional or time management support

Building effective habits will take time and plenty of adaptation when challenges arise. The only thing that will strengthen these skills to weather the storm when “life happens” is practice and patience over time. Use your wellness routine to maximize the energy available to you in a day and to protect your long term health. Practice productivity and organization to help you achieve more with minimal effort. Lastly, learn to ask for help so you can move past obstacles with the support you need. Use these high-performance habits to build a routine you love so you can thrive as a successful professional.


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